The Great Math Adventure

The Great Math Adventure - 7th Level - Retail - Win95/Win3.1 - Sold Out

7th Level


Ages: 6 to 9

Essential Math Curriculum for K through 4th Grades

Starring Howie Mandel

Laugh and learn math with lovable Lil' Howie, his trouble-prone skunk friend Stinky, and Digibot, the coolest robot around! Take off on their newest adventure in the highly acclaimed Great Adventure series, which has won more than 35 prestigious awards! It's sound education and solid fun.


Five years worth of curriculum provides room to grow and learn.

Target specific skills to build your child's math foundation.

Smart software adjusts its skill level as the child learns.

Randomly generated problems offer endless variety for hours of play-and-learn time.

The FREE activity book reinforces math skills taught.

Reward child's successes with printed award certificates or desktop wallpaper.

Kid-friendly help encourages independent play.

Designed and tested by educators, parents and the toughest critics of all - kids.

Ice Cream Machine. Whip up some ice cream as you learn counting, sequencing and patterns.

Blasteroids. Blast asteroids while learning money skills.

Catch a Match. Uncover animated pictures and test your memory while matching math problems with like answers.

Fractionizer. Build a new room on Lil' Howie's house as you practice using fractions.

Soaker. Soak Stinky with a water cannon while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The Big Time. Play hide 'n' seek with Stinky and his time machine as you learn about time and the calendar.

Requirements: IBM or compatible 486 33MHz or greater with minimum 8 MB RAM (486 66MHz recommended), 256-color display, mouse and CD-ROM drive, MPC compatible sound card and amplified speakers, DOS 3.3 with Windows 3.1/Windows 95 or later.

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