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ZOOM Grand Theft Auto
Mission Pack #1: London 1969
Sold Out (DOS/Win95/98) (Retail) (GRANDTHLPR)

Requires the original Grand Theft Auto.

Publisher: Take 2 Interactive / Gathering of Developers


Suitable only for person of 18 years or older

Multilingual: English and Spanish

London 1969

You are a stylish hooligan entering a new decade of grievous bodily harm, car-jacking, and general thuggery. Drive, Run, and Shoot your way into all sorts of trouble with the law, rival gangs, and civilians.

32 new missions

30 new vehicles

Unlimited criminal opportunity.


Welcome to London. Beautiful, ain't it? No, it's a filthy sh*thole, where only those in the know survive. And that's why me and me brother Archie have survived so long. Not only do we know everything that's going on, but we're also the nastiest things to hit London since the Black Death. Know what I mean? We are the Crisp Twins, and we ain't had our dinner. So don't mess, and nobody will get hurt. Understood? Now, I know you think you're something of a tough guy. Been a bit bad over with the Septics, have you? Done the business in Vice City? Well, I don't give a monkey's, and neither does Archie. Those Yanks ain't worth a pint of p*ss, so show some respect. You're in London now, and don't you forget it. And what Albert (that's me) and Archie says goes in this manor. So, if you want to make a go of it over here then I suggest you listen to what I tell you, and do exactly as you are told. Otherwise, there's no telling where this might end, but it won't be pretty.

Requirements: 486 DX4/100 MHz processor, 16MB RAM, 1 MB VESA compatible video card, DOS 6.0 (or higher) or Windows 95/98, 80MB hard disk space, any major-brand sound card, keyboard.

Optional Equipment: Joystick or pad, Hayes compatible modem, IPX protocol network, serial cable link (null modem): 3 Cable (DOS), 5/7 Cable (Windows 95).

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