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ZOOM Gothic II
$19.95 (Win98/ME/XP/2000) (Retail Box) (GOTHIC2PR)

Publisher: Atari

Game: Role Playing

- Blood, suggestive themes and violence


from Quandary

How The Story Ends Is Up To You

A once great empire teeters on the brink of annihilation. Its only hope for survival depends on the success of the perilous mission. Answer the king's call for help as a fearless paladin, an unscrupulous dragon hunter or a novice magician in an epic adventure of unmatched freedom. Enter a medieval world filled with armies of orcs, brutal beasts and other hidden evils.

Battle a renewed Evil.

Gothic II is a 3D role-playing action game set in a medieval world filled with hidden dangers and forgotten treasures. Battle against a swarming host of orcs, dragons and other mythical creatures. Experience three different character classes by selecting a career in the militia, mercenary or sorcerer guilds. Use alchemy to create magical elements, like runes, scrolls, and potions that you can use in your quest to fight evil. Few games offer as many options and unlimited freedom of action as Gothic II. Deadly threats and undreamt-of riches, powerful foes and loyal allies all await you in this epic role-playing action adventure.


A hybrid RPG game with a massive, fully 3D, lush environment.

Explore the Gothic II world from a first-person point-of-view or switch to a third-person view for fast-paced melee combat.

Gripping non-linear storyline continues from the original game. The adventure unfolds according to the character class you choose — even first-time Gothic gamers will enjoy the story.

Three different class guilds, each offering its own unique allies, enemies and skills — fearless paladin (militia), unscrupulous dragon hunter (mercenary) or novice (magician).

Gain experience and skills by fighting and using magic, including close-combat and long–range weapons skills, combo moves, and new magic spells.

150+ close-combat weapons, including clubs, swords, daggers, hammers and axes. Long-range weapons include hunting crossbows and longbows.

Seven circles of magical power to increase your hero’s supernatural abilities.

400+ NPCs with improved AI react differently, depending on your character class and any previous encounters you’ve had. Spoken dialog adds life and personality to NPC encounters.

More than 50+ monsters, including goblins, orc warriors, trolls, shadowbeasts and lurkers. Newcomers to Gothic II include wargs, fire lizards, demons, field raiders, dragonsnappers and magic gollums.

Impressive lighting effects and day and night cycles — experience thunderstorms, snow, water reflections, and more.


Windows 98/ME/XP/2000: Pentium III 700 MHz (Pentium III 1.2 GHz or higher recommended), 256 MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended), 2.2 GB free hard disk space, 32 MB 3D accelerated graphics card (64 MB 3D accelerated graphics card recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive.


Quandary Review by Eric Hartford

"This is a great game. It's played in either first person or third person perspective and it's a single player game; you don't have the option of controlling a party.

"You start off as a weak hero in a new land, with only a few familiar faces to be seen. Your starting skills and attributes are preset (after your last journey in Gothic). The first character you'll meet is Xardas, the necromancer. Xardas was a sort of mentor in the original Gothic. He summoned you from beneath the rubble that fell on you at the conclusion of the first game. After being summoned, with your strength spent from the rubble that trapped you for so long and most of your skills forgotten, your journey begins..."

"...Perhaps one of the greatest things is the actual speech. Unlike most games, you don't have to read until your eyes hurt. In fact, you rarely have to read at all. Every single NPC speaks. When you choose something to say you will literally say it, and the NPC you're talking to will talk back. You can have real conversations. Gothic 2 does offer subtitles for those who prefer to read... NPC's also sleep, eat, chat, work, celebrate, etc. There just isn't enough space here to list all the things they do throughout their daily routines! AI realism is so amazing you might even be so unfortunate as to see a man peeing in the corner of the castle walls or on the trunk of a tree."


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