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ZOOM Let's Go Read! 1
An Island Adventure
$9.95 (Win98/Me/XP/Mac 7.5-9.2) (Jewel Case) (GOREADDJ)
$14.95 (Win98/Me/XP/Mac 7.5-9.2) (Jewel Case) (GOREADDO)
Also includes microphone and baseball cap in ziplock bag.
$19.95 (Win98/Me/XP/Mac 7.5-9.2) (Retail Box) (GOREADDR)
Also includes microphone and baseball cap in ziplock bag.

Edmark / SelectSoft

Children / Reading

Ages: 4-6


from Computing with Kids

Get a Flying Start on Reading!

Take off with Robby the Raccoon, Emily the Squirrel and Reading Rover on an exciting adventure to an island inhabited by the alphabet. Motivated by the delight of mastering new challenges, your child will play through more than 35 fun activities that instill and reinforce the essential skills for successful reading

Builds Reading and Thinking Skills through Active Exploration

A Complete Program for Beginning Readers:

  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Books

Essential Steps in the Quest for Read

  • Learn Letter Names and Sounds
  • Pronounce Letter Sounds Out Loud
  • Distinguish One Letter Form from Another
  • Recognize Upper and Lowercase Letters
  • Match Letters to Their Sounds
  • Differentiate One Letter Sound from Another
  • Locate Letter Sounds within Words
  • Build Simple Words
  • Sound Out Words
  • Increase Vocabulary
  • Identify Common Words by Sight
  • Read Out Loud
  • Create Sentence
  • Develop Comprehension

What Makes It Work So Well?

Easy to Use: Clear, simple directions let your child play independently and spend time learning to read - not just learning to use the software.

Equal Parts Fun & Education: An engaging storyline, friendly characters and a colorful environment full of surprises keep children engaged while they practice new skills.

Educationally Crafted: Activities are divided into multiple steps to ensure that your child masters each important skill that lies between knowing the alphabet and comprehending sentences.

Early Immersion in Literature: Right from the start, we encourage children to read with unique interactive books in which they choose the ending.

Builds Confidence: Immediate, constructive feedback, friendly characters and ample learning rewards give children an encouraging sense of success along the way.

Two Ways to Learn: Sometimes children learn best by experimenting freely; and sometimes they like to be prompted. We offer both modes of play.

Grows with Your Child: To foster initiative and a desire to learn, children will continually encounter new challenges.

Multiple Teaching Techniques: A wide variety of teaching methods are included to accommodate all children. We use the strengths of both phonics and whole language to ensure your child's success in reading.

The Added Advantage of Our Speech Recognition Technology: This innovative technology, from IBM, is specially designed for children's voices. The extra fun and interaction leads to even more learning. This technology incorporates these unique components:

  • Speech Recognition - when children read out loud, the computer listens and responds.
  • Voice Activation - lets children command the computer with their voice.
  • Record & Playback - lets children hear themselves read.

Over 35 Activities with 175 Playful Lessons

Sight Read in the Clouds
Learn to recognize over 40 common words written in the clouds. When you read a word correctly into the microphone, it's cloud disappears with a poof!

Shop at the T-shirt Hut
Help Robby and Emily pick out shirts by finding certain letters and their sounds within a word.

Make Sentences Come Alive
See for yourself how word choice affects meaning. Create a sentence and watch what happens.

Feed Phonic Pies to a Pig
You're needed at the farm to feed pies to Piggy Pig. Find out which pies make the displayed letter sound, because that's the only pies Piggy will eat.

Collect the Entire Alphabet
When you complete the activities for a given letter, it pops up in your personal letter chart. Use this chart to go back and play with any letter you like!

Solve Letter Puzzles in the Jungle
As you travel through the jungle, you'll have fun putting the pieces of letters together. This is a great way to learn letter shapes.

Call Letters Out to Play
Vowel Village is inhabited by five shy letters. Pronounce their sounds out loud three times - and they'll come out to greet you!

Get a Taste of Literature
Collect fun books along the way where you learn color words by spreading jelly.

Look at All You Get with Let's Go Read! An Island Adventure

  • More than 35 playful activities with 175 carefully sequenced lessons for a year's worth of learning fun
  • 26 skill levels
  • Over 400 vocabulary words
  • 20 engaging adventure locations
  • 12 progressively-leveled, interactive books
  • New IBM Speech Recognition Technology, microphone and hat speech kit
  • Record and playback feature for personalizing books
  • Rich, beautiful illustrations and entertaining animation
  • CD-quality music, sound effects and dialogue
  • Edmark quality, guaranteed.

Practice Your Skills by Reading Books - An Island Adventure comes with 12 original interactive reading books which offer more challenges as your child's abilities grow. Each book helps children find enjoyment in reading while developing thinking skills. Once finished, children collect their books in an electronic library where they can be read again and again.


Windows 98/Me/XP, 486/66 MHZ, Pentium or better, Hard disk with 6 MB free, 8MB memory (RAM), 16 MB recommended, Super VGA graphics, 640x480, 256 color monitor, 2x Speed CD-ROM drive or faster, Windows compatible sound card. Speech Recognition Requires: Windows 98/Me/XP, 90 MHz Pentium or faster, Hard disk with 21 MB free, 16 MB memory (RAM), 16 bit sound card with high quality microphone input, High-quality microphone. Optional: Edmark TouchWindow, Windows compatible printer.

Macintosh: System 7.5.6-9.2 Only!, 68040 25MHz or faster (PowerPC w/ 12MB RAM required for speech recognition), hard disc, 6 MB memory (RAM) unused, double speed CD-ROM drive, 640x480, 256 colors. Does not work on OS X even in Classic Mode.


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"This software presents a systematic and sequential approach to learning to read. Players travel to Letter Island where they meet animated letters of the alphabet. Each letter teaches its name, the sound it makes, its shape, and how it can be used with other letter friends to make words. Kid-testers were wowed by the sight word activity where they got to fly through word-clouds to make them go 'poof!' What sets this title apart from other early reading titles is its creative use of 'speech recognition technology.' By using a microphone (not provided with the software) attached to your computer, this program can 'listen' to how a child is reading. Children love 'reading' to the characters in their computer, and consequently they are very motivated to learn."

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