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ZOOM Gone Fishin'
$9.95 ((DOS) (Retail - Tackle Box) (GONEFISHPR)

Amtex Software Corporation



Silver Medal - PC Gamer, November 1996

Digital Fresh Water Fishing

Gone Fishin' simulates fresh warm water fishing in the Bay of Quinte on the shores of Lake Ontario. Fill your tackle box with a variety of lures and travel to your favorite fishing spot. Test your skills in casting for Pike, Walleye, Muskie and Bass amongst others lurking in the depths.

In Gone Fishin', all aspects of the fishing ecosystem are accurately modeled, including fish behavior, lure action, weather and water temperature, as well as an onscreen angler with a full range of motion. These elements are combined to make Gone Fishin' a complete simulation of the "REEL" fishing experience.

You will enjoy all the pleasure of digital fresh warm water fishing from the comfort of your home. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, you will love exploring the different habitat along the Bay, and the challenge of landing the big one. Gone Fishin' provides hours of entertainment for young and old alike.


Over 50 miles of detailed shoreline, including marshes, islands and deep spots.

Variety of rods and reels to use.

Over 40 lures to bait your hook with.

Select time of day, fishing location, season and weather conditions.

Hear 140 sound effects including fishing tips from the "Fishin' Buddy".

Features 8 different species of fish including, Walleye, Bass, Pike, and Muskie.

Experience authentic fish fighting.

Digitized fish finder and depth gauge.

More than 20 hotspots to fish (and find).

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 386DX-33MHz or higher with CD-ROM, SVGA - VESA compatible, minimum 4 MB RAM memory, 4 MB hard drive disk space, DOS 5.0 or higher, keyboard and MS mouse or compatible, SoundBlaster or compatible, most popular sound cards supported.


Electronic Entertainment, April 1995

"The game is packed in a plastic tackle box that comes with a real map of the Bay of Quinte. I poked around the hot spots listed on the map and caught some record walleye. Then I hooked a monster that completely stripped my reel and left me empty-handed! (Yeah, I know, 'You should have see the one that got away.') The fishing articles you find in the lodge - such as the one about the toy poodle that gets inhaled like a gumdrop - indicate that there are some very large fish hanging out in the Bay.

"Serious (read: patient) anglers who don't mind some slow spots in their virtual fishing should definitely grab their favorite poles and head out to the digital Bay. Amtex even plans to sponsor virtual fishing tournaments. Oh, one more thing: If you land a real big one with a minnow hook in its mourth, please e-mail me the hook - it's mine."

PC Gamer, March 1995

"...but lately I've been playing the hell out of this new Amtex game called Gone Fishin'. It's a fishing simulation (I'll review it next month), and I just can't seem to quit playing with it.

"Which brings us back to the part about my mouse. To cast in Gone Fishin', you have to hold the mouse button down to activate your angler's reel, then swing his arm forward by scooting your mouse forward and letting go of the button at the right time. Most of the time I want to cast out as far as I can, so I hold down that button, scoot the mouse back and forth a few times, and then let her rip. And inevitably, I slam my knuckles into the computer desk.

"An then there's reeling in your lure, involving holding both the left and right mouse buttons down for long stretches as you try to trick those walleye into taking the hook. A few hours of this, and you'll begin to take all that carpal tunnel stuff seriously!"

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