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ZOOM Global Domination
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (GLOBALDPR)

Publisher: Psygnosis


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Animated violence


8 from PC Accelerator

Determine Your Strategy for World Domination

Dive into total global conflict as a military operative for hire. Determine your strategy for world domination. Stage missile strikes on enemy strongholds. Bomb smaller neutrals to build your base of power. Defend unaligned countries to gain their allegiance. With a blistering arsenal and a host of strategic options, you're geared for all-out war as you fight your way to the top of the world.

Attack View:
Command attacks and countermeasures via a spinning 3D globe interface. Fire offensive and defensive weapons around the world with pinpoint accuracy.

Tactical View:
Monitor enemy activities and targets in 56 countries around the world. Zoom in to gather intelligence on facility locations and current production settings in enemy territories.

Wield state-of-the-art missiles, fighters, subs, satellites, nuclear arms and a brutal doomsday device.

Utilize the scenario editor to customize game components, including technology levels and victory conditions.

Challenge up to 16 opponents in multiplayer warfare over LAN or serial link

Take on 20 missions, utilizing live action briefings to stay abreast of mission goals and vital developments.


Windows 95/98/Me: P133 MHz processor without 3Dfx card (running through software (P166 with 3Dfx card recommended), 32MB RAM, 2x speed or above CD ROM drive, Sound Blaster compatible or any Microsoft "DirectX compatible" sound card. Network Support - IPX and TCP/IP - up to 16 players; Serial - 2 players.


PC Accelerator, January 1999

"This game, or something very like it, should have come out a long time ago - it's the game of the game in the Bond movie Never Say Never Again. It's good old-fashioned ICBM combat in realtime. Global Domination has a techy, pretty and slick, almost slippery look, with the attendant cryptic icons and pluming and colorful vapor-trails you might see looping on the monitors in some throbbing underground goth club. While technically a real-time strategy game, there are no top-down tank rushes or fields of volatile wheatgerm to be collected and refined.

"Instead, the playing field is the entire globe of planet earth (freely rotatable using the mouse) adorned with the nations of the world, presented with color-coded simplicity. Only in this puzzle, you get to invade, patrol, spy on, carpet-bomb, destabilize, nuke, bio-chem, and hose entire nations."

"What you end up with is a global airspace like an electron shell, alive with circling bombers, crisscrossing ICBMs, pluming color-coded contrails, dazzling explosions, energy-bursts, and mushroom clouds. It's enough to give a turn-based gamer the green-apple splatters, and some players may find the non-stop barrage (during which you'd better be intercepting attacks and subverting enemy nations) too overwhelming to enjoy. Admirably, even the game's war-revenue mechanics are action- and violence-oriented.

"Global Domination is kind of NORAD 90210 - all looks, fast pace with a helping of chaos."

Visually clean, nice interface
Desperately tries to innovate
Bombing France

Easiest mode may be too hard
No Internet playability
No bonus for bombing France

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