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ZOOM Gangsters 2:
The Mobster Sim
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (GANGST2PR)

Publisher: Eidos


The Godfather of Gangster Sims is Back

Gangsters 2 returns with the ultimate real time strategy gaming experience for the corrupt and criminally minded strategy enthusiast.

You take on the role of Joey Bane, a young hoodlum from the State of New Temperence, who seeks revenge following his father's murder. With your own brand of organised crime, crush rival mobs and assume control of their territory in your ruthless attempt to get to the man who was ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger.

Spanning over 20 missions you must build cunning, loyal and tough crews to help you work your way up the `Family Tree'.

Game Features:

24/7 Game Play - both day and night now play an equally important role in your strategy. Open up brothels and hit bank vaults in the small hours whilst running legal business during the day.

Intuitive interface - an easy to navigate menu system and intuitive mouse pointer combine to create the perfect user interface.

Large campaign mode - Wreak havoc across the state of New Temperance and engage in battle through many diverse city maps or indulge in multi-player combat with friends.

Business Management
Flex your influence and cut throat business sense by running illegal gambling and smuggling operations to fund your criminal expansion statewide.

In-Game Advice
The in-game advisor is there to help you realize your ambition and transform yourself from a fledgling hoodlum to a feared and respected made man.

Improved Game Feedback
A daily newspaper will give you the lowdown on all aspects of your criminal empire as well as a whole host of other game play related information.

New Specialist Characters
Command a host of new specialist characters to build your team's criminal power and family connections, including Card-Sharps, Hit-Men, Arsonists, and Safe-Crackers.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: PII 266 Mhz, 64 Mb RAM, 4Mb DirectX Graphics card, sound card.

Joey Bane's Story

This is Joey Bane's story. One man's struggle to avenge the death of his father at the hands of the Mob in the early years of prohibition. Recently returned to his hometown (Buffalo Falls in Temperance State) after serving overseas in the US Army, Bane is devastated when he learns the news that his father has been gunned down while running liquor for one of the gangs in the town. Joey's uncle is also hurt in the 'hit' but manages to survive.

With is uncle to advise him, Joey Bane begins the long struggle for vengeance. This is the vendetta that leads him, not only to the mobster who pulled the trigger, but also to the top gangster in the State. It's a trail that takes Joey Bane clear across the State through many towns and cities and eventually to the State Capitol - New Temperance.

As Bane gets sucked into the mobster life, you'll be there to help him build up a gangster 'family'. You'll guide him through a violent world of mob hits, vice corruption, protection rackets and liquor running, as he tries to make enough cash to pay for the hoods, weapons, vehicles, and bribes necessary to make his way in an unforgiving criminal world.

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