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ZOOM Gamefest Pinball
$9.95 (Win 95/98) (Retail) (GAMEFESTPR)

Publisher: Interplay

Pinball Game Compilation

Four Complete Pinball Classics

Pro Pinball Big Race
Multi Ball Feature - Play Up To 10 Balls at Once

Pinball Head to Head as it was released for the first time ever. Big Race has a whirlwind of color, sound and adrenaline pumping action. Take a white knuckling ride across the US for your chance to compete in the `Big Race'.

  • Customizable table slope, age and flipper power with balls that really slide and spin.
  • Fun road trip across America, featuring 16 major cities as play zones.

Pro Pinball The Web
Play Up To Six Balls Simultaneously

This was the first released title in the critically acclaimed Pro Pinball Series. The Web - features realistic flippers, ramps, loops, drop targets, grab magnets, sink holes, jet bumpers and of course realistic balls.

  • Gameplay so realistic it allows the player to nudge the table from either side as well as from the bottom.
  • View the table in it's entirety from six different views.

Pro Pinball Timeshock

The second in the Pro Pinball Series, this features a total assault of the senses with a multi-layered adventure in vision and sound through four different time zones. Experience gleaming silicon graphics that will test the most discerning Pinball Wizards capabilities.

  • Discover amazingly high graphic resolution in 16 million colors, with ingenious animated toys and fiendish games within a game on the dot matrix display.
  • Experience multi-ball frenzy in the Time Machine, Time Travel and Time Warp.

Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey
The PC's Most Accurate Ever Ball Physics

Travel back to Victorian Times .. With five steam-powered adventures, use your flippers to tunnel to the center of the earth, journey to the depth of the sea, fly through the tallest mountains and speed to a mysterious island to stop the evil General Yagov.

  • Full 3D table, with real ball physics and gravity.
  • Amazing steam powered contraptions: drill, boat, submarine, and airship!


Windows 95/98: Pentium 90 MHz or faster, 16 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, 1Mb DirectX certified sound and video card, 30 MB hard drive space.

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