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ZOOM Gabriel Knight 3
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Ziplock with manual) (GABRIEL3PO)

Sierra Studios


ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) - Animated blood & gore, mature sexual themes and strong language



A from  Just Adventure

Find the Truth. Risk Your Soul.

Solve a real-life mystery with the third title in the award-winning Gabriel Knight series. Game writer and designer Jane Jensen brings you Gabriel and Grace in their most controversial adventure ever. Enter the small French village of Rennes-le-Château, and begin the path to your destiny - unraveling an enigma that may shatter your most closely-held beliefs.

Explore the beautifully rendered 3D world of Rennes-le-Château - viewing the action from virtually any angle you choose.

Encounter intricate puzzles critical to solving this ancient mystery.

Use the Schattenjägger Information Database to search for historical significance, clues and more to complete your quest.

Find, acquire (and steal) a vast inventory of clues, tools, cash and more - using your clever and devious sleuthing skills.

Interact with an eclectic cast of characters - each with their own agenda. Who can you believe?

2000 Years of Heresy, Betrayals and Lies,
One Frightening Truth.

Welcome to the remote French village of Rennes-le-Château. Gabriel and Grace arrive in this town in pursuit of a kidnapped child, but a deeper, far more frightening story begins to unfold. Whispers of a sacred bloodline, vampires and a boundless treasure set the shadow hunter and his companion on an inescapable path. Their ultimate destiny is to solve a dark mystery held secret for thousands of years.

Explore Rennes-le-Château and all of the enigmas housed within the small village. Question suspects, solve intricate puzzles and challenge historical beliefs as you peel back the layers of this frightening, real-life mystery.

Step into Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. Play as both Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakimura as you learn more about what is hidden in the hills of France. But beware your life, your faith and your soul. For once the truth is found, there is no erasing it.

Some of the Characters

Gabriel Knight
A charming, rakish New Orleaner, Gabriel has a way with women when he's not (and sometimes when he is) tracking down supernatural forces. This will be his third case as Schattenjäger, an inherited role in which he serves as a kind-of modern-day Inquisitor. It's difficult to tell if he solved his first two cases with skill or sheer luck. On this case, he'll need plenty of both.

Grace Nakimura
Grace was on a PhD track at Yale when she decided to take a break for the summer. She chose New Orleans, perhaps because it was exotic compared to her native New York, perhaps because it was far away from her mother. It was a fateful decision. She answered an advertisement for help in a book store -- that was how she came to work for Mr. Knight. For any number of reasons she's been bound to him ever since. Bound, inexorably, like light and darkness themselves.

Detective Mosely
Mosely is from the New Orleans Police Department and is an old friend of Gabriel's. Mosely just happens to be staying at the same hotel, having come on a 'treasure hunt' vacation package. "It sounded like a lark," he says, but his behavior is decidedly strange. He keeps disappearing, for one thing. For another, he seems a little too interested in Gabriel's case. Mosely further bewilders by insisting that Gabriel not let anyone on the tour know that he's a cop which, to Gabriel's thinking, is the only remotely interesting thing about him.

Lady Howard
Lady Howard is a middle-aged thespian with a dramatic personal style. She and her companion, Estelle, are clearly on a mission, and Lady Howard is not the sort to tolerate anyone standing in her way. They're an odd two-some, with a feminist-sounding theory involving things like the "Arc of Nut" and the "Womb of Isis". You would have to be on the pair's own personal planet to make heads or tails of it. But what is clear is that their mission is anything but a lark. Indeed, a sheen of desperation underlies Lady Howard's elaborate make-up job like so much skin cream.

Madeline Buthane
Beautiful, strong-willed, and erotically French, Buthane has down cold the mix of outdoorsy-yet-quintessentially-feminine womanhood that few men can resist. She certainly has her nearly all-male tour group wrapped around her little finger. Still, she is awfully enthusiastic, one might even say obsessed with the Rennes-le-Château treasure. Could the tour group be a ruse? A way to get free labor for a personal mission or get frequent access to the region for her own purposes? And is her interest in the ideas of every male she runs into really coquettishness? Or is she hunting for something specific?


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 166 with 1st 3D card w/4MB+ RAM or Pentium 233 without 3D card w/32MB RAM, SVGA @ 16 bit high color, Windows compatible sound card.

Preferred: Pentium II 266, 2nd generation 3D card.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


Just Adventure by Jenny Guenther

"I finished GK3 last night, and my mind is still reeling ... oh, where do I start? This is the third in the illustrious series of Gabriel Knight games written by Jane Jensen for various incarnations of Sierra. Some have hailed it as "the game that will save the adventure genre," but I don't think the genre needs saving. If it did need saving, though, GK3 might do it. Both GK1 and GK2 were among the first (if not the only) adventure games targeted to adults--there are sexual overtones and strong language and they offer rich, complex plots because there was never any attempt to make the stories understandable to children or dummies."

"GK3 is a long, difficult, immersive game with a strong, adult-oriented plot. Even with liberal use of hints, it still took me at least 40 hours to play the game, and I certainly felt like I got my money's worth. I would recommend it heartily and readily to anyone who really wants to sink his or her teeth into a game and be carried away by a computer into another world. This is one series that does not get old--I feel as if I really know the characters, and they have detailed, fully fleshed-out personalities, including human fallibilities and foibles."

Quandary Computer Game Reviews by Gordon Aplin (December 1999)

"I suspect that there are many adventure game players who, like me, enjoy a good mystery whether it be an Agatha Christie ‘whodunnit’ or the more serious investigation of an ancient conundrum. In this third Gabriel Knight instalment Jane Jensen has managed to combine the two, more or less successfully, into an intriguing story with the ‘Schattenjäger’ (Shadow Hunter) link we have come to expect. Though it’s fair to say that some of the revelations will come as no surprise to those of you who are already familiar with the books on which part of this game is based."I loved the music, particularly the return of the theme from the first game and the voice acting was also reasonable. I didn’t even mind Tim Curry’s Southern drawl, but then I’m not American. Quite clearly the really dodgy accent was that of the Australian, Wilkes. Roit?J. The good news is that you can enable subtitles so that you don’t miss a thing. Of more concern is the dialogue. At times Gabriel stoops to some rather childish innuendo and comes across almost as boorish and ignorant as Wilkes. If there is to be another game in the series I hope he grows up a bit."

"Gabriel Knight 3 is a fascinating and enjoyable mystery with a style of play that is reminiscent of much older games such as The Colonel’s Bequest or Cruise for a Corpse. It is also a good long game with a plot and puzzles that, for the most part, are quite absorbing, but be warned, this is also a dark tale containing ritual sacrifices of the throat-slashing variety. Despite my criticisms and my earlier technical problems I really had a lot of fun playing it and, as with the second game, I thought Grace’s tasks were by far the most interesting. Now, if only Jane Jensen would consider making a series based around Grace …. "

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