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ZOOM Furby
Big Fun in Furbyland
$14.95 (Win95/98) (Jewel Case) (FURBYPJ)

Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Children - Ages: 4 to 7

"Dah Doo-ay Wah!"

Playtime is Furby time when you enter Furby's world. Join your pal for lots of fun - there are so many things to do! Explore the clouds, match-up pairs of Furbys for roller coaster rides, or go disco dancing and keep Furby to the beat! Design your very own Furby, choosing the colors for everything from fur to eyes. You can print pictures to color, and even learn Furbish with a special dictionary. When Furby needs care, take your pal to the Clubhouse for milk and cookies, then tickle Furby silly or brush Furby's fur. After all, your friend needs to be fed and taken care of and, most of all, given love.

There's lots to do in Furby's World. Play all four Big Fun games and you'll find lots of pictures to print and color. Create a unique Furby or Furby baby on screen, then keep your pal happy and well fed in the Clubhouse. Find out more about your friend with Everything Furby, a handy reference guide - it's got everything from fur patterns to Furby history. You can even learn your pal's language with a Furbish-English Dictionary. With all these great things to do, it'll be "da doo-ay wah!"

Design and Name Your Own Furby
Choose colors for your new friend's eyes, ears, fur and feet. Then take Furby to the Clubhouse for food and special loving care.

Furby Fest
Your Furby friends are ready to roll. You need to find all of the matching sets of Furbys and put them on the roller coaster. Once you get all of them on board, they'll be off for a rip roarin' ride.

Furby to the Rescue
Furby needs your help to rescue the Furby babies, then find the right path out. This game is full of fun twists and turns that you can take together.

Club Furby
Slip on your go-go boots because it's time to take Furby dancing. Just repeat the colored patterns in the disco ball and watch Furby dance to the beat of the music.

Up, Up and Away!
Furby soars high in the sky when you explore the Furbyland clouds. Sometimes things can get in Furby's way, so you'll need to guide your pal to keep your pal safe. And don't forget - Furby needs to be fed and loved, too.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 133 MHz or higher, 16MB RAM, 50 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 2MB Win95/98 compatible SVGA video card, 16 bit Win95/98 compatible sound card, DirectX version 6.0 (included) or higher compatible drivers.

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