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ZOOM Family Fun Pack
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (FUNPACKCPR)



Games, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts

Like a box of games on a rainy day, Sierra's Family Fun Pack is loaded with quality games, puzzles, arts and crafts guaranteed to keep your entire family entertained for hours on end. Whether they like playing card games, creating greeting cards or jamming with a pinball machine, they'll find an activity to make the dullest day brighter.

Does your family have a resident pinball wizard? A puzzle perfectionist? A card shark, or a mini Michaelangelo? Then Sierra's Family Fun Pack has something fun for everyone. It's packed with four complete and entertaining family titles - you're guaranteed hours of mind-building, creative, all-out fun.

Family Fun Pack Includes:

3-D Ultra Pinball

Snap back the plunger, then let 'er rip. Send that silver sphere soaring to three out-of-this-world playfields: a cavernous space mine, a gritty command post and The Colony, the mother of all pinball tables. Play 3-D ramps and bumpers so huge, so intense, they push pinball kicking and screaming to the ultimate level.

  • Shoot through three levels of lightning-fast sci-fi action.
  • Totally realistic 3-D graphics and sound effects for a smashing experience.
  • Play the same ball as you "warp" through different levels.
  • Navigate through the cavernous "Space Mine," the gritty "Command Post" and the mother of all pinball tables, "The Colony."

Print Artist Classic 3.0

Create your own custom projects for home or office, Print Artist is the fun, easy-to-use way to create everything from business cards to birthday banners. Over 6,500 graphics and 100 type styles make customizing greeting cards, stationery, calendars and crafts as easy as pointing and clicking.

  • Create greeting cards, signs, banners, stationery, calendars and crafts.
  • Over 6,500 graphics, 100 typestyles, 1,100 design layouts and more.
  • So simple, just three easy steps and you're ready to print.
  • Customize any project, from birthday banners to party hats.

The Incredible Machine 3.0

Here's your chance to solve and create bouncing, spinning, floating, falling, squirting, exploding, jumping and sparking puzzles. Imagine using pinwheels, toasters, pulleys - even gravity and air density to solve the over 150 puzzles included. Then invent your own.

  • Over 150 puzzles to exercise and stretch your brain.
  • Zillions of combinations are possible. Each puzzle has various solutions.
  • Create your own puzzles. Challenge friends to a "crazy" solution contest.
  • Winner of more than 15 major awards, including "Editor's Choice" from PC Games.

Hoyle Classic Games

Gather around the card table for a friendly game of Rummy, or any other of the ten great games inside. There's something for everyone with Hoyle Classic Games. Adults and kids alike will enjoy learning new games and challenging the amusing group of lively, interactive players.

  • Includes ten great family games from Gin Rummy to Crazy 8s.
  • Interactive characters with adjustable "attitudes" add to the fun.
  • Contains two time-tested board games - Backgammon and Checkers.
  • Play various skill levels from beginner to expert.


Windows 95/3.1 486/33 or higher, 8MB RAM, 2x CD ROM, SVGA 256 colors, mouse.

3-D Ultra Pinball, Hoyle Classic Games and The Incredible Machine 3 require a soundcard with DAC.

Print Artist Classic requires 32MB free hard drive space. Supports printers: black and white, color, laser, inkjet, dot-matrix 9-pin and 24-pin, compatible with Windows. Note: 8MB systems may experience long wait times loading and/or printing complex projects.

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