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Front Line Fighters
Sold Out (DOS/Win95/Win98) (Retail) (FRONTLFPR)

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Game / Flight Simulators / Compilation

Suitable for Ages 11 and Up

The Complete Flight Simulation Pack

This award-winning collection includes three full flight simulation games and a brand new mission disk for F-16 Fighting Falcon. All three titles now include improved terrain detail plus support for 3Dfx accelerator cards

Apache Longbow

Digital Integration presents Apache Longbow - a stunning simulation of the world's most exciting combat helicopter. Take off from your forward air base and fly into the thick of the action with a devastating array of lethal weapons at your fingertips.

  • Instant battlefield action
  • A vast selection of challenging realistic missions
  • New 3Dfx visual technology with incredible low-level detail
  • Yemen, Korea and Cyprus - mapped from real terrain data
  • Two player options - pilot/copilot, leader/wingman, head-to-head
  • networking for up to 16 players


Fly the helicopter nicknamed `The Bogeyman' by NATO pilots, in campaigns ranging from Afghanistan to Kazakstan to Korea. Fly head to head against the formidable Apache Longbow in this first addition to Digital Integration's Virtual Battlefield series.

  • Detailed Gouraud-shaded, texture mapped terrain
  • Realistic and arcade options
  • Fully interactive ground troops
  • Over 100 missions
  • Controllable wingman
  • Virtual cockpit with optional computer-controlled Silicon Gunner
  • Three combat areas, plus training missions at your base in Saratov
  • Cast array of weapons, including machine-gun, missiles, fuel-air bombs, mines, and rockets
  • 16 player network with Deathmatch and Capture the Flag missions
  • Two player options: Head to Head, Leader/Wingman, Pilot/Gunner, Apache versus Hind

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement and battlefield action over three war zones with air to air and air to ground missions with highly detailed, fully textured landscapes modelled on Korea, Israel and Cyprus, using real map data.

With a fully authentic cockpit, controllable wingmen, stunning animations, absorbing sound effects and a comprehensive array of weapons, no pilot will ever want to eject!

  • Quick start arcade mode puts the player straight into the front line
  • 10 single missions and 20 campaign missions per war zone
  • Comprehensive instrumentation, including HUD and MFD's
  • 2 player option of either leader or wingman or head-to-head combat
  • Fully networkable with up to 16 players in Deathmatch or Capture the Flag missions

The Afghanistan Campaign

Take on the might of the Russian Federation in this new Afghanistan Campaign mission disk, over some of the most stunning terrain the world has to offer. Race through breathtakingly rendered valleys and canyons, taking full advantage of F-16's new 3Dfx upgrade.

  • Brand new add-on for F16
  • Entire new campaign
  • Ten new single missions
  • New flying area


Windows: Full Windows 95 and DOS Compatible, 100% Compatible PC, Pentium 133 - 16MB RAM, all popular joysticks supported, Soundblaster compatible.

Windows version: Windows 95, 50 MB Hard Disk space. DOS version MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 30 MB Hard Disk space.

6X86 tested - includes 3Dfx support.

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