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ZOOM Front Lines
$9.95 (DOS) (With Manual) (FRONTLPO)




5 Stars from Electronic Entertainment

It's the Year 2020. The New Age Meets Man's Oldest Profession: WAR

In the future, man will fight with lasers, hovertanks and powered armour - an awesome force of destruction. But do you have the skills to command these forces to victory? Can you control this military might and win?

With Front Lines you have total control. The full scenario and unit editor means you can design and custom build your own scenarios and shape the history of human conflict.

Command your units across stunningly detailed terrain, play one of the many scenarios provided, or define your own terms. No other wargame you have seen, plays or looks like this one. With its stunning SVGA graphics and cinematic sound effects, Front Lines is pure, tactical fun.

Simple to learn, and totally addictive, Front Lines stretches the boundaries of head-to-head wargames. Armchair Generals who can keep their nerve in combat will find themselves on the edge of their seats.


256 colour SVGA graphics

Tactical, turn-based hex wargame

Full scenario builder and unit editor

14 types of near-future military hardware

Fully animated movement and combat

Requirements: IBM PC, AT and 100% compatibles. 386SX or better, 4 meg RAM, SVGA Graphics, MS-DOS 3.31 or higher, Hard Drive, Microsoft compatible mouse. Sound: Adlib, Adlib Gold, Roland, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro, Gravis Ultrasound, PC speaker. Supports: Hayes-compatible modem (2400 baud or faster, PC only)


Electronic Entertainment, June 1995

"The Front Lines battle screen uses a traditional hex-based map, with a top-down view that employs effective unit movement animations for combat sequences. A Tactical Map occupies the left half of the screen, while a Battlefield Overview shows up in miniature in the upper right corner. A menu bar offers access to more than a dozen vital maps and reports, including the morale of all displayed units, as well as your current scenario objectives.

"These tools help you more through dozens of scenarios ranging from very simple to extremely complex. Purchase your forces from a selection of 15 powerful 21st- century units, including hovertanks, blastwagons, and tech infantry with power armor. Spend your money wisely and place your acquisitions well, because your computerized opponent certainly will.

"The game successfully walks the line between a hard-core war gamer's penchant for detailed "Give me 25 attack modes and 85 unit types" accuracy and a less avid player's desire for easy play, limited commands, and quick results. Units move and fight in a relatively simple and straightforward fashion, but several options let you add depth to the slugfest. Incorporate Opportunity Fire, for instance, and any unit that comes within range of an opposing unit will immediately be attacked without regard for the normal combat phase.

"You can play against the computer or use a modem (or null-modem cable) to take on a human antagonist. It's easy to set up a two-player game, and you can needle your enemy with the handy chat mode. Don't neglect the point- and-click-simple Scenario Builder, either. Traditionally, these "build your own game" tools require a degree in quantum mechanics, but Front Lines' version will have you designing your own complex scenarios with multiple objectives in no time.

"Front Lines also makes better use of Super VGA images and digitized sound than did previous Impressions releases. Front Lines is one of the best war games of the year - for either grizzled veterans of countless campaigns or novices firing their first artillery round."

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