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Foreign Language Advantage 2001

Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (FORLANGPR)

Publisher: Encore Software

Ages: 11 and Up

Master 6 Foreign Languages and Open a World of Opportunity!

Speak to a friend in German. Write a letter in Japanese. Read a Spanish novel. The engaging multimedia and one-on-one attention of these interactive tutors will help you learn 6 of the world's most popular languages. Now you can speak, read, write and understand a new language quickly and easily.

Welcome to an exciting new world of learning. These comprehensive resources teach some of the world's most popular languages through personalized courseware, practice sets, vocabulary drills, translation tools and language games. The superior content, user friendly interface and rich multimedia make learning a second or third language fast, easy and fun!

Immerse Yourself in 6 New Languages With:

  • Challenging and fun interactive activities.
  • Stunning 3D images, animations and audio.
  • Self-paced, step by step lessons.
  • Real world situations and dialog.

Becoming Fluent Has Never Been Easier:

  • Learn grammar and sentence structure.
  • Reinforce skills with no-pressure tests.
  • Read, write and speak with confidence.
  • Build and retain a strong vocabulary.


Powerful Document Translator: Emailing friends in Spain? Visiting a French Web Site? Don't worry if you're not yet fluent.. Instantly translate text in emails, word processing documents and web sites. This award-winning, 6 language translator lets you convert documents to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or English.

The Premier Foreign Language Suite:
6 Languages and 2 Powerful Language Tools

Spanish (El español)

Gain the confidence to speak and understand Spanish in today's multilingual world.

  • 16 chapters introduce grammar and everyday language.
  • Record and playback feature helps improve speaking skills.
  • Vocabulary and listening games enhance comprehension.

Games will keep you playing and learning.

French (Français)

Read, write and speak proper French with the help of native tutors.

  • 14 self paced lessons presented in French
  • Easy grammar explanations and practice examples
  • Humorous dialog, fun drills and arcade games

From America's Language Reference Authority.

German (Deutsch)

Converse in German easily with advanced speech recognition technology.

  • Over 2,300 words come to life in photos and recordings
  • Close-ups of native speakers guide speech development
  • Rate your pronunciation from `tourist' to `native speaker'

The most in-depth product of its kind!

Italian (L'italiano)

Learn over 10,000 Italian words with simple lessons and full native speaker sound.

  • 15 step by step grammar and pronunciation lessons
  • Video tutor introduces each chapter in English
  • Electronic flashcards and pronunciation analysis

Online Achievement Testing

Portuguese (O Português)

Record, play back and compare your pronunciation to master Portuguese

  • Slow Sound feature to hear ever nuance.
  • 15 lessons on language fundamentals
  • Dynamically generated activities - new each time

Learn Over 10,000 Words!

Japanese (Nihongo)

Teach yourself to speak, read and write Japanese in just 10 short weeks

  • Key language patterns via 300 unique screens
  • Challenging drills and games reinforce skills
  • Thousands of spoken words and sentences

'.. one of the 10 best' - PC Magazine

Talking Dictionary

Point, listen and understand easily with this amazing, real-time talking dictionary.

  • Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch
  • Text-to-Speech feature for pronunciation
  • Use with word processors, email and browsers

Working with a foreign language has never been easier

Vocabulary Builder

Master languages using the world's most scientifically proven method.

  • Increase vocabulary retention by up to 80%
  • Only 12 hours to learn a language
  • Covers 12 languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian. Portuguese and Japanese

Uses the LINKWORD language system


Windows 95/98: 486-66 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 35 MB hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive, 800x600 256 colors, 1MB video card, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, keyboard, mouse. Microphone required for record and playback. Bonus Translator requires Microsoft Word 97.

Copyright © 1993-2001, Inc.