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ZOOM Football Mogul
$14.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (FOOTMOGPR)

Publisher: Infinite Monkey Systems / Wizard Works

Game: Football Management


Manage from the Front Office to the Field

Football Mogul doesn't place you in the end zone or at the line of scrimmage, but rather in the leather armchair of the management team of your favorite football team. Here's your chance to see the game from a whole new perspective-the profit margin-portraying one of football's general managers and head coaches.

Make your choices game by game or run for an entire season and play for years at a time.

In Your Role as General Manager:

  • Craft complex trades and sign multi-million dollar players and allocate funds to player scouts and medical staff.
  • Bring up the best players through the 210-player college draft.
  • Control all the finances, establishing your team's budget, even setting ticket and concession prices.
  • Negotiate broadcast contracts and advertising rights.

In Your Role as Head Coach :

  • Set your team's starting offensive, defensive and special teams.
  • Monitor the statistics of up to 2400 league players.
  • Determine which players remain on the team, and which ones get sent home

It's Your Turn to Run the Team

If you have ever said, "If only I ran the team" this is the game for you. You are at the helm of your favorite football team as general manager and head coach, controlling every element of football from the front office to the playing field. Win or lose, it's up to you!

The Sidelines

Player Rosters
Set starting offensive and defensive teams from a complete 53-player roster, sign free agents, or trade draft picks and build your team from the ground up.

The Calendar Screen
View the entire league's season schedule.

The Front Office

The Financial Pages
Compare your finances with that of other teams in and out of your conference including average salaries, attendance, ticket prices, concession prices, scouting, medical staffing, revenue, expenses, profits, cash, liquidity, and franchise value.

Scouting Reports
View the numerous statistics for conference and college players including passes, tackles, yards rushed, completions, sacks, interceptions, receptions, touchdowns and much more.

Trades Screen
Arrange complex trades with other teams involving star players, cash considerations, or draft picks for up to 3 years into the future.

The League

The Standings Screen
Watch your team rise and fall in the standings, viewing statistics from third down success to pass defense, comparing your team with over 25 others.

City Editor
Select from over 70 cities, modify the regional population, income, and time zone.

Stadium Editor
Select the name of your team's stadium, determine the structural type, playing surface, sight lines, convenience and capacity.

Commissioner Mode
Use this powerful mode to force trades, edit player statistics and run the league.

League Editor
Determine the number of divisions and number of teams in each division, number of conferences, number of season games, select cities and team names, move teams between cities and even change fan loyalty.

The Leaders Screen
Compare your players with the league's other top players, even printing out comparisions of over 2000 other conference and college players. View current season, last season and career leaders for touchdowns, interceptions, rushing yards, sacks, kick returns and more.


Windows 95, 98: Pentium or 100% compatible, 2X CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM, SVGA monitor with 256 colors, 70MB hard disk space, Windows 95/98 supported, mouse, sound card, speakers, and printer. Web browser needed for electronic help documentation.

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