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ZOOM Flying Corps
$14.95 (DOS) (CD w/ all the manuals) (FLYCORPSPO)

Rowan Software/Empire



90% from PC Gamer

A from PC Games

98 from Computer Game Entertainment

"Aim for the Man, Not the Machine."

Find out how it feels to fly and fight with the thrilling forerunners to modern fighter planes and experience the gritty realism of airborne conflict in World War I. Forget the luxury of contemporary firepower and equipment. In 1917, aerial combat was intimate, and the tools of the trade limited to a machine gun, nerves of steel, sharp wits and reflexed, and chance.

Extensive research, meticulous modeling and advanced programming techniques mean unprecedented historical accuracy, breath-taking live landscapes, and authentic aricraft handling to unsettle the strongest stomachs. The result is more than mere flight simulation. Flying Corps is an exacting and exhilarating rendition of life and death in the skies of the Great War.

Rewrite history in four full blown campaigns from the allied and enemy perspective.

Join the Hat-In-The-Ring Squadron, the Jasta 11 Squadron, the Royal Flying Corps or take part in the Battle of Cambrai and attempt to better the skills and kills of airborne aces such as Eddie Rickenbacker and Baron Manfred Von Richthofen.

Feel the benefits of detailed flight models in action and discover the true meaning of adverse yaw, gyroscopic force, torque, slipstream and inherent structural integrity.

Beautifully built (and customizable) aircraft include the Sopwith Camel, Nieuport Scout, Spad XIII, Albatross DIII and Fokker DRI triplane.

Breathtaking high-resolution three-dimensional landscapes recreated from archive material, period aerial photography and satellite and cruise missile contour data.

Believable computer-controlled pilots with artificial intelligence that learn from their experiences.

Multiple skill settings cater to novices and veterans.

Comes complete with an authentic replica pilots manual and terrain maps.

Take control of the Albatross DIII, Fokker D.R.1 Triplane, Se5a, Sopwith Camel and Nieuport Scout: six beautifully modeled aircraft, accurate down to the smallest historical and technical detail, and with fully customizable paint schemes. Learn to stall, climb on turns, control spins, and perform maneuvers such as Immelmann turns, horizontal vrilles, side-slipping, loops and the split S. The flight models are so comprehensive you can feel the effects of the adverse yaw, gyroscopic force, torque, slipstream, and inherent structural integrity.

The attention to detail is unprecedented. This labor of love features intricate three-dimensional landscapes recreated from archive material (including period aerial photography), sound effects sampled from as many actual sources as possible, and an authentic replica of a flying manual actually used by pilots in WWI.


"Surprise is the first factor of success in aerial fighting and an ability to out maneuver your opponent the second."

Fly dozens of daring missions in full blown campaigns or rewrite history. Multiple skill settings cater for novices and veterans, and a considerate learning curve means it won't be too long before the flyers and formations are under your direct cotnrol.

The Flying Circus. The Red Baron's infamous Jasta 11 Squadron is yours to command against the Royal Flying Corps, including the formidable 56th squadron and British Ace Albert Ball. The Allied ground offensive is intensifying. Vimy Ridge has fallen and Douai airbase will follow unless you can turn the tables and match Manfred von Richtofen's success.

The Battle of Cambrai. The German defence is collapsing under the weight of Allied forces. Hundreds of tanks and troops are closing in on Cambrai, and squadrons of Royal Flying Corps are about to turn up the heat. Prove your worth as a Jasta commander: cover your ground forces' retreat, help neutralise the masive assault and initiate counter-attack.

Hat-In-The-Ring. The US Expeditionary force has unleashed its new aerial pursuit squadrons. Now it's your chance to emulate ace Eddie Rickenbacker's skills and kills. Lead the famous 94th squadron to victory and be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by the end of the War.

The Spring Offensive. In 1918 the Germans are making a last ditch attempt to reclaim three years of lost ground. Their tanks, aircraft and infantry are pushing hard to claim Arras and Amiens. But you, a new Royal Flying Corps pilot are going to aid the push back and help bring the War to its climax.


Pentium 90 (P133 or higher recommended), 16 Mb RAM (512K cache recommended), 5 Mb free hard disk space (20 Mb recommended), quad speed CD-ROM drive, mouse (joystick recommended), and DOS. Options: Windows 95, Thrustmaster, CH sticks, throttle, rudder pedals, sound card. DOS version uses new display engine conforming to VESA standards 1 & 2.

DOS programs will not run on Windows Me or XP!


PC Gamer, May 1997

"- it is a pleasure to be able to say that this is the best World War I-era sim since Red Baron, and in many ways, it surpasses even that venerable classic.

"Flying Corps offers six planes in both instant and campaign-based missions: the German Fokker Tri-plane and Albatross DIII, and the Allied Nieuport 28, Sopwith Camel, Spad, and SE5a. Flight models are strong across the board ... and go into areas rarely modeled in sims of this area. The planes just feel right, and flying them on full realism is a true challenge."

"Flying Corps has its problems, but that it can weather these flaws and still leave such a favorable impression speaks volumes for its quality. Rowan seems to be supporting it well, with one patch already out and another due out soon that will feature 3D support and modem play. this is not just something to play while waiting for Red Baron II: it's serious competition. Flaws and all, it is a superb piece of work."

PC Games, April 1997

"Without the benefit of firsthand experience, these birds seem to handle much like the big, clumsy, beautiful kites they were: airframes creak and grown with stresses you exert on them, and engines sputter and gasp like overgrown lawnmowers. Even the game's terrain is painstakingly modeled according to archival map data and period aerial photography. Want to buzz the Red Baron's Chateau? You can.

"On the highest settings, you get all the realism true simheads love - torque, adverse yaw, slipstream, gyroscopic, and wind effects. You'll have to experiment to see if your chosen kite turns quicker to the left or right, and then compensate for these tail-heavy planes with subtle rudder control. The game parameters are all adjustble to cater to all levels of expertise."

"Flying Corps certainly stands up there with the best for depth, polish, flexibility, and fun. Right now, at least until the arrival of Sierra's Red Baron II later this year, it's easily the top WWI flight sim. From top to bottom, this is a great game, and a must-have for any flight enthusiast."

Computer Game Entertainment, July 1997

Computer Game Entertainment magazine has demanded (with threat of suit) that we delete all excerpts from their review of this product.

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