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Flight Unlimited
Sold Out
(Win95/98) (Retail) (FLIGHTUNPR)

Looking Glass Technologies

Game / Flight Sim


5 stars from SMART

3 1/2 stars from Multimedia World

The New Standard in Flight Simulation

Flight Unlimited establishes a new standard in flight simulation with its incredibly accurate flight models and 3D photo-realistic landscapes. Flight Unlimited recreates the most precise sensation of flight ever achieved on the personal computer. Now you can actually fly dare-devil aerobatic maneuvers like the infamous "Tailslide" or "Hammerhead." Flight Unlimited is the ultimate aerobatic flight simulator.

Learn to fly: 34 interactive lessons, complete with ground school and in-flight audio instruction, teach you to fly heart-pounding aerobatic maneuvers.

Fly Hot Planes: Five of the world's best aerobatic planes are at your fingertips, including US National Aerobatic Champion Mike Goulian's Extra 300S.

Stunning Graphics: Fly over 6 picture-perfect landscapes of actual locations, created from aerial photographs.

Control your View: Select from 5 different cockpit views and over 7 external camera views. A unique video playback feature lets you record your flights and play them back in any camera mode.

Unlimited Options: Thermals, Winds, Gyro & "G" effects, dazzling sun flares, actual engine sounds, the best crashes ever seen in a flight simulator and many more features.

The Windows 95/98 version features 5 new airfields that were not included in the original DOS version.


100% Windows 95 compatible computer, DirectX 5.0 (provided), Pentium 120 or faster, 16MB RAM or more, quad speed CD ROM or better, 100% Windows 95 and DirectX5.0 compatible 8 or 16 bit sound card, 100% Windows 95 compatible keyboard and mouse, 50MB of hard drive space, joystick recommended.


Computer Gaming World, June 1995

"If anything, the Flight Unlimited aerobatics simulator will be the ultimate show off piece for your new Pentium. This baby hogs computing power, but the power is put to excellent use. The graphics are simply unbelievable - we're certain you've never seen anything like it on a PC - and the flight modeling is groundbreaking, without question. As you scroll around the 3-D air base (remember these are the guys who created Ultima Underworld and System Shock) you'll be able to select from five aerobatic aircraft (Grob 103A, Sukhoi Su31, Pitts Special S-2B, Bellanca Decathlon, and Extra 300S) and choose to take part in 30 interactive flight lessons, ranging from basic flight instruction to insane aerobatic stunts. Pilots who love to loop around the skies of Flight Simulator 5 will go bananas for this stuff, but those who learned to fly with their index fingers on a joystick trigger, well, they might get a little edgy after the wow-power wears off. If anything, you should at least take a look at this product, because you'll be looking at the future of simulations."

Multimedia World, May 1995

"Flight Unlimited is arguably the best-looking flight sim ever. It uses a new and incredibly realistic proprietary graphic engine. This photo-realistic engine employs actual footage from scenic sites such as Sedona, Arizona, mapped onto real, 3-D terrain...When you're soaring in the G103 Acro sailplane, you can watch the elegant, elongated wings flex as you pull Gs.

"But there's more here than just a pretty face. What sets Flight Unlimited apart is its attention to real-world physics. Rather than using statistics based on simulated wind tunnel tests - which are limited to specific flying conditions - Flight Unlimited uses actual engineering schematics of the airplanes to determine how each plane will respond to different flying conditions. Then, in a feat usually reserved for supercomputers, the game's engine calculates the fluid dynamics, or airflow, over the aircraft's surfaces in real time. The result is an incredibly responsive and realistic flight simulation."

SMART, August 14, 1995

"The ultimate goal of any flight simulator is to suspend disbelief, a task Flight Unlimited accomplishes with uncommon grace and ease. Simply put, there's never been a better-looking, nor more realistically modeled, flight sim than this. Players take flight from one of five U.S. locations, each featuring photorealistic 3-D landscapes, rendered with revolutionary ImageScaping technology. Players can enroll in the program's comprehensive flight school."

Multimedia World, September 1995

"In the PC flight-sim genre, where the promise of 'dramatic realism' is made more often then it's met, few products have offered the dizzying sense of really being up there that Flight Unlimited achieves. The proprietary ImageScape technology - using high-res, texture-mapped 3-D polygons - offers a near-photo-realistic landscape, with densly forested bluffs, valleys, and plains just begging to be buzzed."

"...While the simulation is impressive to fly, there's sadly nowhere to fly to. Each scenery region has only one runway, and the wrap-around scenes, while gorgeous, offer little variety after a point. Flying around in circles, even through an obstacle course, becomes real dull, real fast."

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