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ZOOM Flight Unlimited II
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (FLIGHTU2PR)

Looking Glass Studios/Eidos Interactive

Game / Flight Simulation

All Ages


92% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

9 from boot Magazine

Real Terrain. Real Aircraft. Real Thrills.

Flight Unlimited II puts you in a virtual aviation world unmatched by any other flight sim. Take off from 48 different airports. Soar over 11,000 square miles of breathtaking San Francisco Bay Area terrain. Your skill and nerve will be put to the test as you come face to face with variable weather conditions, a sky crowded with air traffic and unique spine-tingling adventures that make Flight Unlimited II the most realistic flight simulation ever.

No Other Flight Sim Delivers More Precise Detail

Photo-realistic landscapes are accurately rendered to the most precise detail, producing the most stunning high resolution scenery ever seen in a flight simulator.

See and feel a new level of 3D realism, with every building over 10 stories and every landmark modeled using the revolutionary ZOAR rendering engine for visually accurate detail.

For the first time ever, communicate with ground, tower and approach controllers, as well as with other air traffic, via the breakthrough ATaCs real time AI-driven Air Traffic Control system.

Choose from five of the most popular aircraft: the speedy Piper Arrow, the de Havilland Beaver Seaplane, the legendary P-51D Mustang, the Beechcraft Baron and the Trainer.

Enjoy Your Flight

It's 6:45 a.m. A mist rises from the sun-streaked tarmac. You hop into the cockpit of the legendary Beaver Seaplane. Ready to battle your worst enemy. Fear. In minutes, you're streaking across the skies over San Francisco Bay. Your heart beats like a drum as you swoop under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the TransAmerica tower, barely clearing its peak. Without warning, you're surrounded by dangerous thunderclouds and getting pelted by torrential rains. Air Traffic Control alerts you that bad weather has forced all local airports to close. Your only hope: an emergency landing on an aircraft carrier in the Bay. With the storm passing, you climb back into your Beaver and take off into the cool evening sky. The San Francisco skyline glitters gloriously in the twilight. Half Moon Bay airport, your final destination, is visible in the distance. You radio ATC and are cleared to land. But if you think you've finally conquered the skies, remember: unlimited challenges lay ahead.

All These Exciting Features:

For the first time ever, navigate using Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Take part in 25 adventures including aircraft carrier and water landings.

Choose from five unique aircraft to pilot:

  • Beechcraft Baron
  • Piper Arrow
  • de Havilland Beaver
  • North American P-51D Mustang
  • Trainer

Communicate in real-time with fully interactive Air Traffic Control, including ground, tower and approach controllers.

Fly your plane through hazardous weather conditions that would test even the most experienced pilots.

Share the congested skies with hundreds of commercial airliners...civilian aircraft...even jet fighters protecting military airspace.


100% Windows 95 (or above) compatible computer, DirectX 5.0 (provided), Pentium 120 or faster, 16MB RAM or more, quad speed CD ROM or better, 100% Windows 95 and DirectX5.0 compatible 8 or 16 bit sound card, 100% Windows 95 compatible keyboard and mouse, 190MB of hard drive space, joystick recommended, 3Dfx (and 100% compatibles) and ATI Rage Pro supported.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


boot Magazine, April 1998

"At first glance, Flight Unlimited II shares little with the original. The entire flight model was rebuilt, abandoning fluid-dynamics simualtion in favor of the more conventional data-table approach. Flight Unlimited had the gut-feel of flight, while Flight Unilimited II goes for the minutiae of modern aviation.

"Though you're limited to the San Francisco Bay area, the sim includes 486 airports. And the scenery is an absolute gas, from the crumpled-velvet mountains of Marin County to the I-can-see-my-house textures of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Buildings over ten stories are depicted in 3D, via the ZOAR graphics engine."

"Of course, you'll need major machinery to get this bird off the flight line. Even with 3Dfx under the hood, we had to drop some detail and back off to 512x384 resolution before frame rates hit the double-digits on a plain, old Pentium. However, Pentium II owners are going to be in nirvana."

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