Final Doom
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This is it. The end. The final chapter of the Doom series. It's Doom with two new 32-level episodes. It's time to finish what you started.


Far from earth, the UAC recommenced their experiments on one of the moons of Jupiter. A spaceship, msitaken for XXX a supply vessel on radar, hovered above the base. Hideous demons poured out, blanketing the base with death.

All your comrades were quickly slaughtered or zombified. This time, it's not about survival. It's about revenge.

The Plutonia Experiment

Every effort has been made by the nation's top scientists to close the seven interdimensional Gates of Hell, but one portal remains open. Alone, you must infiltrate the ravaged complex, defeat the demon Gatekeeper and seal the last Hell-hole before the undead are prepared to, once again, take over the world.

Requirements: 486/66 for Win95 version designed for 486 or higher, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, hard drive 40MB of free space, 4MB RAM for DOS version, 8MB for Win95 version, VGA graphics, joystick and mouse optional, supports Sound Blaster, AdLib and 100% compatible sound cards, Gravis Ultrasound and Roland Sound Cards.

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