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ZOOM Fighting Force
Sold Out (Win95) (Retail) (FIGHTFORPR)

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Core Design Limited / Eidos Interactive


Suitable for ages 15 and up.

Multilingual: English, French, and German (Manual is also in Italian)

Place: Earth

Select your own destiny but be prepared to face the violent consequences of this raging beat-'em-up. Follow the exploits of four main characters as they obliterate multiple enemies that just don't give up. Discover new moves in order to progress through an incredible diversity of environments that allow the player(s) to use and abuse surrounding objects in the incredible interactive 3D world of Fighting Force.


  • A 3-D arcade-style fighting game
  • 7 action packed levels which break down into over 25 stages
  • Numerous weapons ranging from knives and guns to lasers and rocket launchers
  • You can pick up and smash almost anything from trash cans to cars
  • Each hero, at present, incorporates around 40-50 different moves which does not include special moves and the use of a host of weaponry
  • There is a variety of fighting terrain which includes buildings, trains, flying airships and secret islands
  • Freedom of movement in 3-D worlds allows players to explore and choose their own path
  • 4 enemies plus 2 main characters on screen at the same time

Time: Years Past the Millennium

It is a few years past the Millennium and Dr. Dex Zeng is infuriated. Dr. Dex Zeng truly believed the end of the world would come by the year 2000. Events occurring toward the turn of the century confirmed to Dr. Zeng that the year 2000 would bring the Armageddon. The signs were clear.

Well in the year 2000, his years of perpetuation's of the coming of the end drew close and when the millennium hit us at 12:01 am January 1, 2000....nothing happened!

Filled with outrage intensified by the millions of partyers and rioters that surround him, Dr. Dex Zeng insists that something went wrong.

Fortunately, Dr. Zeng has a plan is case something like this did happen. He is prepared to fix the Apocalypse - to force it - to correct the malfunction.

It's time to end - The End of the World.

Requirements: Windows 95 compatible computer system with 16Mb RAM (24Mb recommended), Direct X 5.0 drivers (included), Pentium 133 MHz processor (166 MHz recommended), quad speed CD-ROM drive, a 3D accelerator graphics card with 4Mb RAM and compatible sound cards and joysticks operating through Direct X 5.0.

3D Accelerator Graphics cards supported: 3-DFX compatible, Renditions compatible, Matrox Mystique, Power VR (PCX1 & 2) compatible, NVidia Riva 128, ATI Rage Pro.

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