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ZOOM Family Tree Maker
Version 5
Deluxe 10-CD Set
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (FAMTREE5PR)

Publisher: Broderbund


Most Complete Resource for Building Your Family Tree

More people trust their family history to Family Tree Maker than to any other commercially available genealogy program. It has sold over 2 million copies, it hosts the largest Internet genealogy community in the world, and it is the only product to offer the unique World Family Tree. It sets the standard for quality, value, and ease of use.

Family Tree Maker Guides You In Just Three Simple Steps

Step 1. Enter what you already know. The notecard-style Family Page organizes each family group (father, mother, and children) together on one screen.

  • Easy to Start - just enter a few simple facts about your family
  • One click moves you between generations
  • Spell checker proofreads your text items
  • Preserve any type of information: names, dates, events, stories, medical history, scanned documents, photos, video, audio, and more
  • Easily accommodates nontraditional families

Step 2. Find your ancestors fast. Discover more about your unique family heritage with the vast lineup of Family Tree Maker CDs and Internet databases.

  • Special search features help you find out more about your family
  • 10 CDs and countless Internet links put millions of names at your fingertips
  • Step-by-Step Guide shows you how to start, whom to contact, what to ask, and more
  • FamilyFinder Report tells you exactly where to find historical records with details about your ancestors. If the record you need isn't in this box, order it separately from our collection of over 100 Family Archive CDs

Step 3. Print Family Trees and More. Family Tree Maker has an extensive variety of high-quality print-outs. Just click a button to see Ancestor, Descendant, Fan Trees, and more.

  • Print a complete Family Book with family trees, reports, cherished stories, pictures, and more. Table of Contents and Index are automatically generated
  • Create hundreds of custom reports: preformatted Kinship, Family Group sheets, Register, and more
  • Customize all your printouts with choice of box styles, borders, fonts, and colors
  • Include photos in family trees and album-style Scrapbooks. Crop, rotate, and brighten images. Create an on-screen slide show

Unbeatable Printouts

NEW The unique Hourglass Tree - displays ancestors and descendants together on one family tree.

NEW Fan Tree - displays generations as rings that expand outward from a primary person.

NEW Color code individual boxes to distinguish people by gender or generation.

NEW Timelines - plot your ancestors' lives in relation to each other and to historical events.

Internet Genealogy

Unique genealogy search engine combs the Internet for information on your family.

Electronic "agents" send you e-mail to let you know they've found new leads.

Create your own Web Page for free. Relatives near or far can access it 24 hours a day.

Publish an Internet Family Book with your choice of Reports, Notes, Table of Contents, and Index, all conveniently displayed as clickable hotlinks.

Advanced Features

NEW Keep track of your "To-Do" list with a personal Research Journal.

NEW Record an unlimited number of facts, even when you have conflicting information from different sources.

NEW Generate records request forms in multiple languages.

NEW Use the automatic reference numbering system for individuals and marriages.

Record all source information on special Source Note cards.

Produce reports such as Register, Ahnentafel, and LDS.

Exchange files with GEDCOM & PAF.

The World Family Tree Project

Thousands have found their relatives through the extraordinary World Family Tree Project - a growing collection of actual family trees shared by customers in the U.S. and abroad. It's very likely that you'll find your relatives too. Here's why:

  • The 5 World Family Tree CDs inside this box include 15 million people linked together in 27,000 family trees.
  • Easy searching. The names of all individuals in the World Family Tree are fully indexed.
  • Find ancestors you share with someone who has contributed their tree. With a project this size, it's very likely you will.
  • Discover entire branches of your family tree by finding even one link to your ancestors.
  • Our Contributor Contact Information Service puts you in touch with the people who sent us the family trees that you're interested in. Get research help from newly found distant cousins.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Search the Internet

Exclusive Internet tools help you find information quickly and easily.

  • 120 million names from 2.8 million Internet pages worldwide are indexed on Family Tree Maker Online.
  • Automatically search for information on everyone in your Family File - at the same time!
  • Electronic "agents" keep working long after you've logged out. You'll get e-mail whenever they find new leads.
  • Links to online resources including RootsWeb, USGenWeb, and more.

The Largest Internet Genealogy Community

Exchange ideas and information with people like you. As a Family Tree Maker user, you get free access to all these benefits, guaranteed:

  • Message Boards - share information and learn from fellow family history enthusiasts.
  • Your own home page - publicize your work and attract others who are researching the same family lines. Your home page can be easily created in minutes.
  • Categorized links to 50,000 other genealogy sites.
  • Family Tree Maker Online University lets you learn more about genealogy at your own pace.
  • Articles, advice, and more posted regularly.
  • 6-month membership to Genealogy gives you private access to valuable genealogy records and books.


Windows 95/98: 486 or faster, 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), minimum 20MB hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 16 colors or higher.

Printer Support: Works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

Optional: Modem (for connecting to Family Tree Maker Online; video capture board and sound board (for video or audio clips); Scanner (for digitizing graphic images).

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