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ZOOM Fallout 2
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT/Me/XP) (DVD Case) (FALLOUT2PR)

See Fallout 1 & 2 for this product in jewel case packaging.

Black Isle Studios / Interplay


ESRB rating: Mature (Ages 17+) - Animated Blood and Gore


8 from PC Accelerator

Sequel to the RPG Game of the Year

It's been 80 long years since your ancestor trod across the wastelands. As you search for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit to save your primitive village, your path is strewn with crippling radiation, megalomaniac mutants, and a relentless stream of lies, deceit and treachery. You begin to wonder if anyone really stands to gain anything from this brave new world.

Mastering your character's skills and traits for survival, Fallout 2 will challenge you to endure in a post-nuclear world whose future withers with every passing moment...

We are family
Not everyone that joins you looks like you. Super-mutants, robo-dogs and ghouls may join your adventure, or why not do-it-yourself by implanting a brain into that shiny new robot body.

Kill smarter, not harder
Improved combat AI for friends and foes alike. Most of the people in your own group won't take that burst shot with the Flechette-gun, but a couple are probably just aching for the opportunity.

Share the wealth
If you want to, you can upgrade any traveling companions with more dangerous weapons, tougher armor, or even teach them new skills and abilities. Of course, you'd better make sure they're on your side.

Bigger & badder than ever
Bigger, smarter, nastier enemies than you've ever fought before. We've given you a few pals that are just as ugly. You didn't think you were the only Bad-ass in town did you?

Sex & romance after the bomb
Fall in love, get married, and then pimp your spouse for a little extra chump-change. Hey, it's a dark and dangerous world.

Learning is fun-da-mental
Over 100 new skills, called perks, available to learn during the course of your travels. Better to learn the exquisite art of Pyromania, the uncanny timing as a Demolition expert, or how to squeeze the trigger on your spiffy new Gauss-rifle faster than the next guy? Decisions, decisions...


Pentium 90 or faster (P120 recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 30MB available hard drive space (150MB recommended), Direct X certified SVGA video card, Direct X certifited sound card, 4x or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows 95/98/NT/Me/XP, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse.


PC Accelerator, January 1999

"The post-apocalyptic future sure does look bright: The raw and gritty Fallout 2 is here to remind the gaming world what a real RPG is. An oldschool RPGer like me could just about kiss someone at Interplay. This is the real deal for true role players, the hard stuff.

"For those who are under the impression that role-playing games consist of goofy-ass-looking characters with big heads, bad dialogue, and enough mental anguish to make a therapist run for the razor blades, a game like Falloutmay seem outright alien. Here, you make a character from scratch, with a complete and user-friendly creation system that includes onscreen explanations for every stat, skill, and option. After that, you find your main purpose: to retrieve the Garden of Eden Construction Kit to prevent your desert village from dying."

"As in the original, you can find nonplayer characters, but this time around they don't act like complete idiots - a big plus - and will generally use decent combat tactics. Other improvements include no overall time limit and the option to keep adventuring after you complete the main goal, uncovering features you may have missed. The critical hits option, which lets you aim for a specific body part on an opponent, is awesome. Combat is tactical and turn-based (gulp), but the rest of the game is played in real time. And during combat you control only your character, not the NPCs who may follow you around.

"The game lets you lead your character down the path of heroic righteousness, but you're more likely to take the evil route of killing, stealing, and taking advantage of every whore and wasteland sucker you come across. A karma and reputation system keeps track of your progress and directly affects how others relate to you."

A vast RPG world to explore
Hordes of side quests and focus on moral choices
Great interface and presentation

Focus on moral choices
You can't rotate the scenery
There are many chances to get laid, but nothing is shown

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