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ZOOM Fallout
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT/Me/XP) (Retail) (FALLOUTPR)

Game: RPG

See Fallout 1 & 2 for this product in jewel case packaging.

ESRB rating: Mature (Ages 17+) - animated blood and gore


90% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

PC Gamer 1997 Best Roleplaying Game

8 from boot Magazine

A from  Just Adventure

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Our existence...a subterranean Fallout shelter modified to house 1,000 people indefinitely after a nuclear holocaust. It's been nearly 80 years and we still don't have nay idea what's out there. Sure, we've sent out volunteer scouts, but none of them returned...

Now our water recycler has failed. Rationing has begun, but someone needs to leave the vault to get a replacement microchip for the water recycler and look for other survivors.

We drew straws. You drew the short one...

Remember Wasteland? Fallout creates a classic old school role-playing experience with all new depth and complexity.

Over 50 mini-quests with multiple solutions take you through devastated wastelands such as Rad Scorpion dens, Junktown, and the Brotherhood of Steel.

Meticulous turn-based combat system lets you target specific body parts to wound, cripple, or kill as you see fit.

Make your own character or start with one of three pre-generated types: Diplomatic, Deceptive, and Combative.

Victims don't just perish - they get cut in half, melt into a pile of goo, and explode like a blood sausage into chunks of flesh.

Improve your character's skills thru play and receive perks tailored to your character's abilities.

If you agitate someone with your comments, they'll look and act agitated - and remember that encounter. Depending on the player's choice of conversation topics, characters will look happy, normal, and/or angry.

This year's Fallout Nuclear Survival Kit uses the latest technology to keep you alive and kicking in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Warning: Contents may have shifted during a nuclear explosion. For your protection, examine the inner lid before breaking seal of kit. Contents do not provide protection from radiation, real or implied. Your involvement will determine the effects of Fallout.


Pentium 90 or faster (P120 recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 30MB available hard drive space (150MB recommended), Direct X certified SVGA video card, Direct X certified sound card, 4x or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows 95/98/NT/Me/XP, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse.

Version 1.2 tested OK on Windows XP. You may need to download an update patch in order to get it to run properly on XP.


boot Magazine, February 1998

"Once you get past the peculiar user interface, Fallout takes off into an open-ended frenzy of pure RPG adventure. You can participate in more than 50 mini-quests throughout a desert wasteland, shadowed by the ultimate quest to find a replacement module for the water processor in your underground vault."

"But true RPG fans will dig Fallout. There are plenty of characters to chat with and offend, and they'll remember previous encounters and treat you accordingly. Fans of fast action won't find it here, as the turn-based combat system is slow and chunky; you have to proceed through a multitude of mouse clicks to move and target an opponent. Death scenes, however, are deliciously gruesome - sure to offend some and impress others.

"The world of Fallout is deftly crafted, albeit quirky, with its vacuum-tube, 50s style. It may be only single-player, but be entyhralled for quite a while in this vast wasteland."

Computer Shopper, March 1998

"With a story line that's right out of the Mad Max films of the 1980s, Interplay's Fallout takes place in a postapocalyptic world of wasted cities and scarce natural resources. Following a massive nuclear war that has devastated most of the Earth, survivors have taken refuge in huge vaults built decades earlier as fallout shelters. When the water-purification system in your vault begins to fail, you're chosen to venture out into the postnuclear wasteland to find a replacement microchip before the vault's residents perish.

"The game's retro-style opening cinematic sequence quickly provides players with a sense of Fallout's quirky blend of turn-based combat action, traditional skill-based role-playing game, and liberal doses of black humor. In this bleak world populated by bizarre creatures, mutant armies, and enigmatic non-player characters (NPCs), you'll need considerable guile to gather the information, equipment, and weaponry needed to successfully complete your mission."

"Fallout's basic interface and operation has the look and feel of a fairly conventional RPG. But the game's stylish, atmospheric ambiance; compelling and complex quests; abundant dialogue; and thought-provoking conclusion place it far above the pack of recent role-playing titles. That said, there are several annoying anomalies that should be noted, including a number on non-sensical conversations with NPCs, enemies that seem to ignore you, and quests that are accomplished without any apparent participation by the player. Moreover, despite a healthy supply of weapons, the combat itself is often lackluster, with a relatively limited variety of attacks and defenses.

"Still, these are not major flaws and do not detract much from the overall positive experience. If you're an RPG fan or merely looking for some post-Armageddon laughs, Fallout is a blast."

Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"Unlike most good pure adventure games, RPGs really do need good manuals. And Fallout has one of the best I've ever encountered. It's comprehensive, easy to use, and very amusing to read."

"The format of the game is third-person, with both mouse and keyboard controls. The graphics in the gameplay engine were a bit of a disappointment, though I guess the post-nuclear war environments would be pretty drab and repetitive. Still, the gameplay is so fun the drab graphics don't do too much damage."

"This is one of those rare games that oozes quality from every pore. You get the impression that Tim Cain, the game's producer and lead programmer, really likes computer games, and he made sure that every element of the game is enjoyable. From the opening cinematic, a chilling, multilayered introduction made more ironic by the sweet strains of the Ink Spots singing "Maybe," you're hooked by this intriguing game."

"The game also features one of the best endings I've ever seen in a game. It wrapped up all the major storylines (with variables according to how I played the game, which was cool), and it even threw in a surprising, poignant, but very believable twist that gave the end of the game a great deal of pathos.

" I would agree wholeheartedly with my friends to who turned me on to this game. If you are an adventure player who's been interested in trying an RPG, this is the game to try. Personally, I can't wait to play Fallout 2!"

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