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ZOOM The Face of LIFE
$8.95 (Win - See Below) (Jewel Case) (FACELIFEPJ)

Creative Multimedia Corporation



8 out of 10 from CDROM Power

3 stars from CD-ROM Today

37 Years of Sights, Sounds and Stories

From 1936 to 1972, the weekly LIFE captured and chronicled the images and events that shaped our world. Now you can relive those moments with this captivating, multimedia CD-ROM. The Face of LIFE is 37 years of history like you've never seen, heard or experienced before.

The Face of LIFE" Features:

Over 4,000 of the world's best photographs

Over 2,000 letters-to-the-editor

3700 fascinating trivia questions

1,800 LIFE covers

Over 30 minutes of historical film footage

Information on the movies, books, plays and music of each year

Comprehensive listings of world events

The most popular songs from each year

A portfolio of classic ads as they appeared in LIFE

Requirements: MPC for Windows, 486SX/25 or above running Windows 3.1 or later, 4MB of RAM, 5MB hard drive space available, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color SuperVGA monitor, SoundBlaster or compatible sound card with Windows drivers.

NOTE: Runs in Windows 95/98 if you start the 16-bit QuickTime 2 player before starting the program.


CDROM Power, March/April 1995

"Life Magazine now has their greatest covers from 1936 to 1972 on CD, along with a whole bevy of other, related topics.

"To appreciate this disc you need to be a fan of Life's award winning covers. Some of the historic ones are examples of the golden age of American journalism, but for the most part, the covers represent our changing country. Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes soul-stirring, the covers themselves are worth a look. But Creative Multimedia, the distributors of this product, also added a few other specs that really make the disc an entertaining multimedia product, not a dry reference work. You can delve deep into an issue, examine advertisements of the times, read the Letters to the Editor for each week (and find out, not surprisingly, that people bitch about the same thing every year: taxes, religion, the country, etc.) and get a listing and a sampling of the hit music for that year. You can also see Life's famous Picture of the Week, watch a newsreel clip, or play a trivia game regarding issues of a particular year. There's also a full Search feature that will scan through all the issues for your particular topic.

"You're only given a partial summary of the articles for the week, and not the full text, so journalism students will still need to use microfiche. And while the music is crystal clear, you only get to listen to one sampling per year, and not your pick of the ones shown on the list of the year's best."

CD-ROM Today, January 1995

"People who like to peruse old magazines will love The Face of Life. This new CD-ROM condenses the 37 years of Life's first run (1936-1972) into a neatly accessible package. Lamentably, the articles from the original magazine are not included. Life's writing was generally more literate than that in many of today's popular magazines, even if the subject matter was generally fluff. The disc does contain a yearly breakdown of significant events, newsreels, photo essays, advertising, and music. Aside from the disc's multimedia aspects - the newsreels and the music - this is exactly the sort of stuff you would notice if you were standing in an antiques store browsing through the old magazines for some kind of clue as to what made those times tick.

"Each year begins with an appropriately furnished Editor's Desk, from which you can select the various components or browse the nontextual contents of that week's magazine. Even without the articles, you get a good flavor for the times without too much challenge."

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