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ZOOM F1 Racing:
The Ultimate Formula 1 Experience
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (F1RACINGPR)


Game / Simulation

ESRB Rating: Everyone


90% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

Your Palms Will Sweat, Your Heart Will Pound!

Duel for position against the world's greatest drivers at 180 miles per hour! F1 Racing Simulation will impress even the most demanding Formula 1 fanatic. Featuring 22 drivers and all 16 tracks from the 1996 F1A Formula One Grand Prix Championship and the most comprehensive car set-up ever, F1 Racing Simulation thrusts you into the roles of Driver, Chief Engineer and Pit crew Leader. Developed in close collaboration with engineers from six-time World Champion F1 Renault, F1 Racing Simulation's state of the art technology and exact track physics drive you to be the best to beat the best.


The most realistic 3D graphics ever seen in a racing simulation

22 fully customizable cars with original cockpit configurations

More than 30 options for tuning up your ultimate racing car

22 top Formula One drivers, play-tuned to include their 1996 performances

16 authentic racetracks, painstakingly recreated from video footage

Full 3D pitstops and realistic collisions

Set-up tutorial and 4 different skill levels for maximum exhilaration

Head-to-head multiplayer battles over network or direct connection

6 racing modes including Single Race, Grand Prix, Championship and Training School

Connected drivers can share Ghost Laps and Car Configurations


Windows 95: (Windows NT not supported), 120 MHz or higher Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, or AMD K6 processor (Pentium 166 MHz CPU or faster recommended), 16MB RAM (20MB recommended), 4 MB 3Dfx or Direct 3D supported PCI graphics accelerator, DirectX 5.0 (included on game CD), 57 MB free hard drive space (40MB free space after installation for game play, space for saved games, additional space for DirectX 5.0 installation), 4x CD-ROM drive (6x recommended), DirectX 5.0 compatible sound card, keyboard, mouse. Recommended: 3Dfx chipset graphics accelerator, steering wheel or joystick.

Supported 3D Graphic Accelerators: Optimized for 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics with Glide 2.3 or higher, 4MB 3D acceleration chipsets supported through Direct 3D include: Voodoo Rush (including Hercules Stingray 128, Integraph Intense 3D), nVidia Riva 128 (including STB Velocity 128, Diamond Viper 330), Power VR (including Matrox M3D), ATI Rage Pro (including Xpert@Play, Xpert@Work), Metrox Mystique.

Required for multiplayer option: Split-screen (2 players) - no additional requirements. Network (2-8 players) - up to 8 compatible PCs, IPX/SPX compliant network, 1 CD per computer. Direct cable (2-4 players on 2 PCs) - high speed serial port, 1 CD per computer.

Supported Controllers: Windows 95 supported Game Controllers including - Thrustmaster, ACT Labs and Mad Catz steering wheels, and Microsoft Sidewinder, CH Flightstick, Gravis and Logitech Wingman joysticks.

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