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ZOOM Excalibur 2555 AD
$14.95 (Win 95) (Retail) (EXCALIBPR)

Telstar / Sir-tech


ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated Violence / Animated Blood

The Future Is About To Become History

The legendary sword Excalibur has been stolen by raiders from the far future. As Merlin's apprentice, you are sent forward in time, equipped with only a broadsword and limited spellcasting ability. Your mission: recover Excalibur and prevent catastrophe.

Over 300 different locations with more than 50 different characters

Fiendish puzzles

Full speech for all characters

Atmospheric sound and full CD audio

Enhanced lighting and resolution for the 3Dfx graphics accelerator


The legend of Excalibur is based around King Arthur and the castle of Camelot. The sword was used by Uther Pendragon to make peace and declare himself King. It was also used by his son, Arthur, who pulled Excalibur from the stone where Uther had placed it moments before his death. Arthur used it as an icon of peace for his people by which it was greatly revered and respected. The sword now lies deep at the bottom of a still pool, somewhere in England.

Some centuries later, a vast meteor was spotted by an amateur astronomer, 18 months before it was to hit Earth. The impact would send such an enormous shock wave around the world, that life on the surface would be impossible. To survive, hundreds of shafts were dug, with arms reaching out for hundreds of miles, forming small underground cities.

450 years after the meteor hit earth, Salto, by far the largest of the undergournd cities, became home to millions of people. Their unique society, made up of three distinct levels, ranged from the uneducated and very poor Ort peasants, to the all powerful Elysians.

With their advanced technology, the Elysians' leader, the megalomaniac Delavar, built a time transporter to go back in history and steal the legendary sword, Excalibur. He hoped to use its mystical powers and to increase his domination.

Merlin the magician was furious, he spent many hours concocting a spell to enable a one way time leap to the location of the stolen sword. His niece Beth had reluctantly volunteered to be the spell's subject, no one else trusted Merlin's frantically botched experiment to work. Armed with her own trusty sword, Beth was sent to find Excalibur and somehow return, not just for the sake of the King of England and his people, but for what the future might become with the power of Excalibur in the hands of the evil Kala.

The Game

In the game you play the part of Beth after she has been transported to the future. You know nothing about where you are or who you will meet. Using your skill and patience, you must find Excalibur and return to the time from which you left.

You will be able to collect an unlimited number of items along your travels, which can help solve the problems you face. You must try and obtain as much information as to the whereabouts of Excalibur as you can from the people you meet. Some may be more willing than others. Some may ask you for trades or perform tasks before giving you the information or object.

Requirements: Pentium 100, 16Mb RAM, Windows 95, 20 Mb HD space, 2x CD drive or faster, SVGA video card with DirectX compatible drivers. Supported: SoundBlaster compatible sound cards, 3Dfx and Direct3D graphics accelerators.

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