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ZOOM Everquest Gold Edition
$9.95 (Win/98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail UK Box) (EVERQUGPR)

The Station / Verant Interactive / Sony

UK Version

Internet Game - Requires Internet Connection to play

- Game - Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes

Welcome to the Most Successful OnLine Fantasy World
Ever Created!

Journey to the world of Norrath, a living and breathing fantasy world that continuously evolves. Join thousands of people online to form alliances, enemies and friendships in your quest for dominance and survival. Customize your character by choosing a class, race, religion and appearance. Arm yourself with incredible magical spells and weaponry. Then prepare yourself for an epic adventure like no other ...


Dare to enter the award winning, Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing phenomenon EverQuest. You choose your role, you define your destiny.

Top Ten Hall of Fame Videogames for the 90s - Entertainment Weekly

  • Discover more than 70 perilous zones while exploring three enormous continents in the world of Norrath
  • Design your own unique character by selecting from 12 races and 14 classes, skills, physical appearances, names and religions
  • Embark on the quest alone or join a guild for cooperative play
  • Prepare for battle with a multitude of weapons, attacks and magical spells

Everquest: The Ruins of Kunark

The Legacy continues with this landmark expansion pack. Travel to the lush new continent of Kunark and encounter new adventure zones and a new race, the Iksars.

Expansion Pack of the Year 2000 - GameSpot

  • Kunark provides 30% more virtual gaming space than the original Everquest world
  • New playable race, the Iksar (lizardman)
  • More than 20 new adventure areas contain both newbie and expert zones filled with dramatic environmental effects
  • All new non-player characters include giant scorpions, dragonmen and many more

Everquest: The Scars of Velious

Journey further into the world of Norrath, where only the most skilled players survive! The frozen continent of Velious brings remarkable new zones, quests and much more.

Verant has done it again with another expansion that continues to enrich the EverQuest experience - Computer Gaming World

Everquest: Shadows of Luclin

The satellite of Luclin has been discovered, and now Norrathians can venture to the eerie moonscape in EverQuest®: The Shadows of Luclin™.

  • This expansion pack is playable by characters of all levels and provides thousands of online RPG fans with new zones, a new race and a new class.
  • Hundreds of new items, spells, and creatures to battle..
  • New character models supported by an enhanced 3D engine!

For the legions of EverQuest faithful, Shadows of Luclin is a fantastic addition to this, the greatest of all massively multiplayer online games. -Game Informer

Bonus Items Included:

  • Map of Norrath
  • 2 Large posters
  • Soft Mouse Pad


Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP:
Pentium II 400 (PIII recommended), 256MB RAM (512MB recommended), Direct3D or Glide compliant accelerator card w/ 32MB RAM, 450MB hard drive space(1.5GB recommended), 28.8k+ Internet connection(56.6k+ recommended), DirectX 8.1compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive(16x CD-ROM recommended)

Everquest is an Internet Game. Connection to the Internet is required, which requires the payment of additional fees and charges. A valid Credit Card is required.

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