Emergency Room

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Legacy Software / IBM


Ages: 12 and up

You're the Doctor...

When the gurney hits the doors, it's all up to you. Check for symptoms, examine wounds, evaluate which patient is the most critical. People will live or die as a result of your decisions.

Relax! It's a game.

If you don't get it right, no problem. Simply move on to the next patient. There are no malpractice suits and no angry relatives.

Emergency Room is both fun and educational. It has all the test and tools you need, and a staff of "helpful" co-workers to assist you. You see it all, from earaches to heart attacks. begin as a medical student and work your way up to chief of staff.

You take patient histories, order tests and get the treatment procedures started.

Packed with medical information

Emergency Room provides over 20 minutes of digital video, a Hollywood cast, 500 voice-overs, 1,500 photo-real 3D graphics, 18 patients with over 400 different possible diagnoses, a 6,000-word medical glossary, anatomical charts and endless playing possibilities.

Emergency Room has it all

If you ever thought about being a doctor, Emergency Room gives you the full treatment.

Patients live or die on your decisions

Learn about first aid, diagnosis and more

Interactive medical game with photo-real 3D graphics

Requirements: DOS 6.0, 486/33 MHz IBM or 100% compatible computer, 4 MB RAM, SVGA, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, 4 MB free hard disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, mouse. Works great under Windows 95

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