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ZOOM Enemy Nations
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (ENEMYNPR)

Windward Studios / Head Games Publishing



A from PC Games

Enemy Nations Is Unlike any Strategy Game You Have Ever Played

The year is 2005, the human race has finally achieved interstellar flight. No longer limited to one planet, humans go forth to conquer and inhabit new worlds. A world is found and you are sent to colonize it, however, there are a few alien race has beat you to it with their own colony. And, they're not looking to leave any time soon.

As commander of the new colony, your orders are simple: Dominate the new planet by destroying any trace of opponent alien colonists. You must also manage the new colony's economy and military defense...a challenge since the resident aliens are looking to blow your new colony to bits.

Features Include:

Online unlimited multi-player or single player game play

A fully adaptive real-time AI opponent with 4 levels of difficulty

Manipulate and engage militery combat in real time

Twelve races each with significant differences in over 10 attributes

Native network support for Internet, Novell, NETBIOS, TAPI, Modem and serial play

Hi-Res realistic 3D graphics

Your first order of business is to start construction. You need to build an entire economy up from scratch. But don't worry, once you choose the location your colony team can handle the actual construction. Includes a much richer economic model with population, power and damage, all affecting your rate of building.

View any set of windows you wish to at the same time. No more having to bounce between information windows. And with 4 levels of zoom and rotation in 4 directions you can see exactly what you need to in the main map.

Attacking and destroying your enemies requires a lot more streategic thought than other real-time games. A much richer combat model with combat affected by terrain, unit attack strength, defensive armor, fire rate, setup time, accuracy, blast radius, true fog of war affected by trees and terrain.

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible 486/80 or higher, Windows 95/3.1/NT, 8 MB RAM, 4 MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive, sound card and mouse.


PC Games, April 1997

"The premise: Earth is a latecomer to the colonize-the-universe party, and by the time it turns up, all the beer and dip is gone. It has to make do with sharing a single habitable planet with its alien rivals...and sharing and caring are not exactly either side's forte.

"Enemy Nations is played out on a beautifully rugged isometric landscape, randomly generated in the interest of replayability. You land your rocket as close as possible to key natural resources - lumber, coal, iron, and oil - and build installations to keep people fed and housed. You'll have to attend to the supply and flow of raw materials. And, at length, you'll have to go to war, C&C style., Now, imagine it against 19 other players on the Net.

"I'm absolutely gaga over the detail: steel frames rising slowly from foundations to create gorgeous buildings, rich smoke coming from stacks, industry-specific sound effects, trucks ambling along the roads, multiple levels of visible damage, fog of war, research, and diplomacy. Better yet, I don't think I've seen it all - not by a long shot."

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