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ZOOM Eyewitness Children's Encyclopedia
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail Box) (ENCCHILDPR)

Dorling Kindersley


Ages: 7 to 12

Education Meets Imagination

Presenting expertly prepared information on DK's acclaimed Eyewitness style, the Eyewitness Children's Encyclopedia stimulates young minds and uses children's natural curiosity to explore in-depth worlds of knowledge. Far more than just a collection of information, the Eyewitness Children's Encyclopedia is an absorbing interactive experience that will set your child on a path of lifelong learning.

The Navigator The fully customizable Navigator informs, amuses, and interacts, putting children in control as they explore a universe of in-depth information.

Depth of information More than 5,000 information screens and pop-ups each present a wealth of detailed information, all of it especially created by educational experts for this encyclopedia.

Video 40 dazzling video clips are optimized for Intel Pentium processors with MMX technology.

3D Worlds of Knowledge Explore 20 dazzling, fully rendered 3D environments - each seamlessly linked to layers of in-depth information.


The only CD-ROM encyclopedia created specifically for children ages 7 to 12

Designed by educational experts to stiulate children's natural curiosity and challenge them to learn more about their world

Unparalleled depth and breadth of information makes this CD-ROM the ideal reference for home and school

Cutting-edge text-to-speech and VR technology gives children a spectacular mutlitmedia learning experience

60,000 words of text written especially for this CD-ROM

Complete biographies of more that 700 people, from scientists to sports stars


Windows 95, Pentium 75MHz, 16Mb RAM, 800 x 600 pixels, 16-bit colors, quad-speed CD-ROM drive, 25Mb hard drive space, 8 bit sound card, loudspeakers or headphones, mouse.


Computer Shopper, December 1997

"If you buy only one piece of children's software this season, make it The Eyewitness Children's Encyclpedia from DK Multimedia. These might seem strong words, but for a combination of fun and learning, this refeence CD-ROM will entrhall young children like nothing else we've seen. It combines a gadget-filled interface with an incredibly thorough reference work in a way that speaks perfectly to the absorbent-sponge brain of the 7-to-12 year old.

"The disc's navigator interface buzzes, burps, and giggles while it offers exciting tools for your child's exploration. Straight keyword searches are available, but flights of fantasy are encouraged by the navigator's virtual environments - a variety of 3-D landscapes through which the child can move. Objects in the environment offer questions, and click on the Find Out button brings you to that subject in the encyclopedia. For instance, while journeying through a garden, we saw a sunflower. When we clicked on the sunflower it caused the naivator to ask, 'What form of symmetry does a sunflower have?' The search for the answer led us into a study of geometry. The richness of this interface must be experienced to be believed.

"The customizable interface includes quizzes, jokes, sticky notes that make it easy to return to a subject, and the ability to read aloud the disc's text - a big help for beginning readers. Users with Internet access can get online via the Children's Encyclopedia's Active Learning Center to further their knowledge quests. Even without the Internet, there's something here for everyone - Nature, History, Geography, Science, Culture, and a World Atlas. Your children will turn to The Eyewitness Children's Encyclopedia for both homework and entertainment."

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