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Gold - Adult Reference Title from New Media's 1996 Invision Awards

Link Yourself to a Universe of Knowledge

Microsoft Encrata '96 Encyclopedia takes you on an odyssey of discovery that can lead virtually anywhere around the globe and beyond - from any event in the 15 million-year span of the Timeline to current online updates in the Encara'96 Yearbook buidler. In more than 26,000 articles, you'll find nearly 300,000 links between subjects - links that enrich your search for knowledge and make brwosing easy and fun. Encarta Encylcopedia brings it all to life with exciting pictues, videos, animations, and sounds.

Easily and quickly locate the article you want with the Encarta Encylcopedia Pinpointer search tool. Search by keywords, dates, media, or article categories.

Interact with the content of Encarta Encyclopedia in exciting new ways. In the new Natural Wonders InterActivity, for instance, you can discover the world's most unusual natural features and ecosystems. Other InterActivities let you control orbits and explore world music, famous paintings, fractals, nutrition, Ellis Island, and phrases spoken in as many as 60 languages.

Choose any period and compare world events along the Illustrated Timeline of World History. Click a topic and you'll discover links to a host of related subjects branching off in many directions. Start with the Ottoman Empire, for example, and the trail can lead you to Florence Nightingale, to folk music, to astronomy, to today's conflict in the Balkans - practically anywhere.

Make knowledge more engaging. Encarta '96 Encyclopedia highlights text with rich multimedia and interactive content - animations, diagrams, and sounds, plus more than 8,000 brilliant photos and illustrations - to enhance clarity and understanding.

Listen to music from major cultures in the world - classical, jazz, gospel, Bolivian panpipes, Gregorian chants, Caribbean steel drums - all part of the more than nine hours of fascinating sound you'll find in Encarta '96 encyclopedia.

Learn from more than 30 colorful and exciting videos. From Haiti to the Hubble Space Telescope, from cell division to the power struggle in Russia, dynamic events are explained with the graphic clarity only moving pictures can provide.

Visit any continent or country you choose. The Encarta '96 Encyclopedia Atlas whisks you to your chosen site, lets you view maps, and links you to the appropriate encyclopedia articles. For a vastly more detailed look at the world, zoom in close with Microsoft Encarta World Atlas, the most comprehensive atlas ever created.

Discover intriguing collections of people, places, and things! Take Guided Tours of Encarta Encyclopedia's most interesting and entertaining content - mysterious monuments, great books, Olympic medalists, inventors, games from around the world - all just for the fun of it.

Write a great report. Encarta Encyclopedia not only makes it easy to locate information, it enables you to copy or print a whole article or just a section, including images and sounds, into your finished report. Auto-footnoting works on most Windows-based word processors that have footnoting capability.

Requriements: A multimedia PC with a 486SX or higher, 8 MB of RAM, sound board, SVGA 256 color monitor, mouse, headphones or speakers.

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