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ZOOM Empire Earth
Sold Out (Win98/Me/2000/XP) (Retail) (EMPEARTHPR)

Publisher: Stainless Steel Studios / Sierra

Real-Time Strategy

Blood / Violence


Gamespy PC Game of the Year

An Epic Conquest Spanning 500,000 Years

Mastermind a civilization's glorious rise to power throughout any period of human history. Order Alexander the Great and his soldiers to raze a troublesome city-state. Seize vital resource sites with Napoleon's Grande Armee. Carry out a night attack with a column of Panzer tanks. The past, present and future are yours to command.

From the mind of Rick Goodman, lead designer of Age of Empires, comes Empire Earth - combining cutting edge technology, strategic gameplay and an unprecedented timeline. This is real-time strategy on a truly historic level.


Command your civilization through 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to flight to nano-technology

Load four epic campaigns that each follow a different civilization's extraordinary rise to power

Explore breathtaking maps randomly generated by an incredible 3D game engine

Engage in multiplayer warfare over a LAN or the Internet - or take on the formidable computer AI

Play in two modes: Standard mode for a more strategic empire-building game or Tournament mode for faster paced RTS action

Go Beyond the Ages

Lead a civilization, conquer your enemies and forge the greatest empire the Earth has ever known!

Utilize Over 200 Units, Including:

Capitol: The seat of power - the heart of an empire
Knight: Braves the battlefields of the Middle Ages against swordsmen
Arquebus: The most advanced small arm of the 15th century
Siege Tower: Protects warriors as they storm enemy walls
War Raft: Fights off rivals in open waters and sinks their fishing boats
Citizen: Gathers resources, constructs buildings and builds city-states
Henry Grace a Dieu: The largest warship of its time
Bronze Cannon: Effective weapon against massed infantry formations
Hospital: Provides medical care to ensure the populace's health
B17 Flying Fortress: Drops cluster bombs for massive destruction
Laser Infantry: The core of all national armies in the mid 21st century
Cyclops: The ultimate anti-infantry machine that launches guided missiles

Epic is Too Small a Word

Experience 14 unique time periods covering 500,000 years, from the Stone Age to WWII to the Nano Age of the future

Choose from 21 civilizations, including Greece, Germany and the United States. Create your own civilization by choosing from many economic and military bonuses.

Recreate historical battles or craft fictional campaigns with an unrivaled scenario editor. Plus, direct your own in-game movies.

Expand your empire with numerous technologies, special buildings and six different Wonders of the World, each with a beneficial power.

Battle on land, in air and at sea with over 200 different units, including huge warships, WWI and futuristic aircraft, and with other weapons of war.


Windows 98, Me, XP or 2000: Pentium II 350 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, 450 MB free hard disk space, SVGA monitor supporting 1024x768 resolution, AGP (4MB) or PCI (8MB) 3D video card that supports 1024x768x16 bit color, CD-ROM drive, mouse, DirectX compatible sound card, 28.8kbps modem or higher.

Internet/Multiplayer: Internet access required for Internet play. May require payment of a separate fee to an ISP.



"In many ways it was a slow year for the PC. Few titles really shook up the platform or brought something new to the table (with the possible exception of Black and White), although many games refined old formulas to give us something fun even if unoriginal (Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a blast.) The one category that did see a lot this year in PC gaming was strategy. It was the year of strategy games! Over a dozen strategy titles were strong enough to be considered for Game of the Year, including big guns like the addictive Civilization III. But when push came to shove, only one title really stood out. It was a complete package: it had great gameplay, enjoyable single player, fantastic multiplayer, and expandiblity to keep it fresh for ages. It was a massive title created by veteran game designers, earning among our highest review scores for the year. Of course, we're talking about Empire Earth, GameSpy's choice for PC Game of the Year! This real-time strategy game set a new high water mark for others to follow."

"But the epic scope of the game isn't just marketing hype. It really feels like you're getting 14 games in one. Each era has its own uniquenesses that flow from one time period to the next. Early combat with maces and horsemen subtly evolves into massive medieval battles with heavily armored knights. Then the tactics change with the introduction of gunpowder. Suddenly, someone invents the machinegun, and you have to completely rethink your strategies. By the modern era a whole new relationship has developed on the battlefield, with artillery, armor, and infantry movements carefully balanced with air and sea bombardment. Whether you play across all the eras and allow your empires to evolve, or whether you stick to one or two time periods, you get a fully fleshed out game with enough tactics to keep armchair strategians engrossed for days."

"The single-player campaigns, which stretch across the scope of human history, were pretty challenging but offered a great deal of variety. On top of this you have the multiplayer modes (including special tournament modes that are better suited to hardcore play), which you can customize to your heart's content. Sierra and Stainless Steel Studios extensively tested the multiplayer game, enlisting the help of several of the net's best RTS players, and it shows; even across multiple epochs, the game balance is superb."


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