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ZOOM Egor Animator
$14.95 (Win95) (Retail) (EGORANIMPR)

Sausage Software / Anawave Software

Productivity / Web Design

The First Java-Compatible Animation Editor for Windows 95

Egor, our friendly mad scientist, will take you through easy-to-understand steps to create Java-compatible animation and sounds for your web pages. Within minutes, a dull and lifeless web page can be transformed into a fun and exciting place for people to visit. And best of all, Egor is simple and easy-to-use.

Create Hair Raising Animation

Egor allows you to design exciting animated sequences such as a spinning company logo or cartoon characters running across the screen. To help you create your animation, we have included the highly acclaimed Paint Shop Pro v3.12. Using Paint Shop Pro, you can convert or create, Java-compatible images for use with Egor.

With your images (we call them frames), you can define horizontal and vertical motion, as well as specify where the animation will be on the web page. Egor also allows you to link your animation to a web site of your choice, or specify individual frames to specific web sites. With Egor's powerful Frame Preview feature, you can even view your animation frame by frame. You can also flip through the animation in a cartoon type format, or preview the full animation and sound using a Java compatible browser.

Bring Your Animation Alive with Sound

With Egor you can now bring animation to life by adding your own custom sound files. You can choose how to add the sound, either one sound for the entire animation sequence, or a different sound for each frame. As an added bonus, Sound Gadget Pro allows you to convert or record custom sound files using your SoundBlaster compatible sound card. Creating Java-compatible sound files has never been easier.

The Chemistry of Bringing Animation and Sound Together

One of Egor's most electrifying features is the ability to combine your animation and sound files into an explosive mixture of fun and creativity. You can assign sounds to individual frames, or to the entire animation itself. For your enjoyment, we have included a pack of more than 30 predefined animation and sound files.

Created on the Net, by the Net, for the Net. Egor was developed on the Internet in response to customers' request for an exciting, easy-to-use Java animation program.


Windows 95: 486 or higher, 8 MB RAM, 15 MB of available hard drive space.

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