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ZOOM EF2000 V2.0
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (EF2000V2PR)

Publisher: Digital Image Design / Ocean


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults - Animated violence

The Russians are invading Norway and it's up to the international force of EF2000 Jet fighters to stop them. Using DID's revolutionary conflict generator you must utilize your wingmen to strike at the heart of the red uprising. The unique AI systems ensure that the enemy are as unpredictable as they are aggressive.

DID's EF2000 V2.0 brings you Graphics+, accelerated 3D graphics utilizing 3DFX and Rendition 3D hardware for workstation quality graphics on your home PC. Also introducing Smartview: all all-new camera system which means that you'll never miss any of the action. Then do battle with pilots from all over the country via the Total Entertainment Network.

A new Windows 95 Version brings you all the benefits of DirectX and a comprehensive on-line help system. There are new mission editors in EF2000 V2.0 allowing you to plan a mass interdiction deep into enemy territory. Or just get up there and toast a couple of MiGs as the most realistic fight simulator now becomes the most comprehensive.

Graphics Plus support for 3D accelerator cards delivers workstation quality graphics on your PC. Looks just like a multi-million dollar simulation.

Easy to install, easy to configure, through full compatibility with Windows 95.

Learn to be an ace the easy way, thanks to context-sensitive graphical help, plus dozens of tips and tricks at the touch of a button.

Fight campaigns on your own terms, with the help of the tactical mission planner. Specify exact mission parameters for up to 16 planes.

Influence the outcome of the war, in thanks to full control over Campaign difficulty settings.

Construct you own dramatic aerial encounters with the custom Air-to-Air combat editor. Plan close-up dogfights with up to 32 different aircraft.

Discover the fun of multiplay combat with easy access options for multiplay via network and modem links.

Enjoy head-to-head gameplay, including team-play and base defense.

Requirements: P75 or equivalent (P120 or higher recommended), 16Mb RAM (32Mb recommended), 20MB hard drive space (70Mb recommended), SVGA graphcis card (3Dfx or rendition video card recommended), double speed CD-ROM drive (quad speed recommended), Microsoft compatible mouse, Soundblaster AWE 32 recommended, Thrustmaster F22 and TQS joysticks with RCS recommended, Windows 95 recommended.

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