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Digital Image Design / Ocean



4 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World - Simulation of the Year, 1996

4 stars from CD-ROM Today

4 stars from PC Entertainment

86% from PC Gamer

Beads of sweat prickle your brow, adrenaline is pumping, your stomach is churning. You're playing EF2000. The latest, greatest combat flight sim from DID. EF2000 is the ultimate combination of game and simulator.

It's the turn of the century and the Russians are invading Norway, gateway to the west. EF2000 is your weapon to stop them. There are three wingmen at your direct command, plus thirty different planes with accurate flight models to assist you in your mission.

EF2000 is not only aimed at dedicated flight sim fans, with its superb realism, detailed accuracy and over four million kilometers of perfectly mapped scenery, but even the novice can go straight into dog fights and combat at the arcade level.

And because EF2000 has full AI war generation in the campaign section, you'll never fly the same mission twice.

Requirements: 486 DX66 2x CD Rom drive, soundcard, SVGA graphics, mouse. Optimum specification - P90 or higher, 4x CD Rom drive, soundcard, SVGA accelerated graphics card, mouse, Thrustmaster (or similar) joystick.


CD-ROM Today, March 1996

"The EF2000 is the next generation of European fighter plane, and it is scheduled to enter Britain's and Germany's airforces in 2000. Designed with a distinctive delta wing, the EF2000 is meant to be a multirole, single-seat fighter to meet air-superiority and ground-attack needs. It's an interesting plane, with a high degree of maneuverability provided by its radical shape and control surfaces."

"That such an advanced plane has already made it to the sim market is exciting. But fighter sim, EF2000, the successor to last year's TFX game, also squeezes some interesting elements into a good package, starting with the graphics. In high-resolution mode, it is gorgeous. There are myriad exterior views, but unlike many sims, these are handled with minimum confusion and use of keys. Plane-control surfaces move, launches and hits look great, and the EF2000 itself looks fabulous."

"Still, these minor flaws are fixable, and if you can adapt yourself to the instrument-checking methodology the program requires, you're in for one terrific flight sim. Be aware, however, that EF2000 is not a jump-in-and-go sim; you'll have to spend some time with it to enjoy it."

PC Entertainment, March 1996

"EF2000 simulates the EuroFighter, a super-high-tech jet aircraft scheduled to make its military debut with NATO forces in the year 2000."

"Fortunately, the comprehensive manual makes it relatively easy to get off the ground and into the action. The EF2000's clean cockpit also helps keep the complexity under control. Compared with the dial- and gauge-intensive planes flying in other sims - SSI's Su-27 Flanker, for example - the EF2000 is a flying TV set."

"Other features make it even more obvious that a lot of care went into building EF2000: You get preflight tower chatter, in-cockpit situation updates and warnings, wingmen with distinct foreign accents, and working control surfaces such as rudders, flaps, nose wheels, and air brakes. You get plenty to look at, too. Bursting flak, fiery explosions, translucent smoke, and visible wing damage comprise just a few of the courses in this visual feast."

Computer Gaming World, January 1996

"While there are sims that delve deeper into micromanaging the plane's control and weapons systems (due mostly to other sim favorites like the Su-27 and F-16 requiring more pilot management than the EF2000), there's no simulation this side of an Evans and Sutherland military installation that does such an amazing job of immersing you in believable virtual combat."

"The astonishing graphics, the best virtual cockpit around, and a target-rich environment more than make up for a perhaps overly ambitious campaign module. You'll need powerful hardware, a 486-66 is probably the minimum for getting a playable frame rate in low-res, and you'll definitely want a fast Pentium for SVGA mode. (I found it playably smooth at full detail on Pentium-100.)

"Like the real plane, EF2000 is a splendid example of the future that better technolgy has in store for us. And a bright future it is."

Computer Shopper, May 1996

"Practically every year flight sim enthusiasts are treated to a new leel in flight model accuracy and environmental detail. With the introduction of EF2000, Ocean of America seems to have broken more ground than just about any other game company."

"The sim's experience of flight is exceptional. The 'feel' of the plane is unusual because of the unique avionics: when you take your hands off the stick, the plane won't roll or pitch. The cockpit views are clean and useful, giving you quick access to control consoles and making target tracking as easy as possible. You can send messages to your flight group about formations, engagement, combat maneuvers, and radar reports. You can even refuel from an airborne tanker.

"This sim's level of terrain, object, and sky detail is the best ot date. But it comes at a price; specifically, the price of the fastest Pentium you can afford. The box says you can run EF2000 on a Pentium 90, but for the insanely cool high-res high-detail experience, you'll need at least a 120 MHz Pentium, and preferably a P150 with 16MB of RAM. Put it this way - EF2000 will eat up as much horsepower as you can throw at it."

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