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ZOOM Electronic Arts Presents Top Ten Pak II
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (EATOPTN2PR)

Electronic Arts

Game Collection

Wing Commander Deluxe Edition

Deluxe edition includes Wing Commander (40 missions) and the best-selling Secret Missions (16 missions) and Secret Missions 2: Crusade (16 missions).
Unique mission selector allows you to fly any of the 40 sorties in the original Wing Commander Vega Campaign - in any order.
New Kilrathi ships and pilots to engage, new wingmen to break in and new mission goals in the Secret Missions series.


Fully enhanced CD version.
Immerse yourself in combat and puzzles - no mapping, spell memorization or anything that might slow the breakneck speed of the surging adventure.
Submerge yourself in the most outstanding 3-D animations and texture maps in any point-of-view game - only possible with CD-ROM.

Michael Jordan in Flight

Exclusive, fully digitized video footage of Michael Jordan on the court.
3-on-3 action with real Jordan signature moves and play calling ability.
Instant replay and multiple camera angles.
Create your own highlight films with the Video-Edit lab.
Supports stunning 256 color VGA and Super VGA graphics.
Supports Ad Lib, Sound Blaster and Roland soundboards.

Grand Slam Bridge II

Play over one billion hands of bridge with the ultimate partner.
Advanced players will enjoy the wide range of bidding and playing skills.
Learning is easy with a full library of tutorial hands and hint features.
Flexible practice mode allows rebids, redeals, replay of hands, and double dummy play.

Seven Cities of Gold Commemorative Edition

Experience the Golden Age of Exploration!
Explore the 15th Century New World and interact with the indigenous tribes, including advanced Aztec and Incan civilizations.
Establish trade relations by friendly negotiations or take what you need by force. Wow the local tribes with 15th century science.
Stunning Sound Blaster sound effects and music.

Starflight 2

The best-selling adventure continues with exploration and trade through the mysterious cloud nebulae.
Use your diplomatic skills to trade and negotiate with over 10 new alien races.
Storyline is open-ended so there's no single "correct" way to finish the game.
More powerful ships, new weapons and technology.
Over 500 unique planets and 150 star systems to explore.

Kasparov's Gambit: World Championship Chess

The World's Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov acts as both your personal coach and your toughest opponent in the most comprehensive computer chess program ever.
Features the 1993 International Computer Chess Champion software engine, the strongest chess engine available for the PC.
Interactive tutorial - Garry can assist you or give you step-by-step instruction.

Heroes of the 357th

Use the Tour of Duty option and fly the actual missions of the 357th Fighter Group flew in WWII, with famous aces as your wingmen.
Choose from seven historical mission types.
Escort U.S. B-17 and B-24 bombers to their targets in occupied Europe.
Arm your P-51 with special weapons, including rockets, bombs and 20mm cannons.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

"This might be the best-ever computer simulation of competition driving" - Automobile Magazine.
Go up against your racing heroes on an exact replica of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway rendered in 3-D polygon graphics for stunning realism.
Create and save up to 3 custom cars or join one of three teams.
3 ways to race: Practice, Qualify, or go for broke.

PGA Tour Golf

Complete against 60 PGA Tour pros in 3 actual PGA Tour tournaments.
Play on actual Tournament Players Club course, designed from the original course blueprints.
3-D topographic putting greens, - tread and play the putt like a pro.
Helicopter fly-by shots for a bird's eye view of every hole.
Use the real pro swings like the chip shot, punch shot, and fringe putt.


386/16MHz or faster, Microsoft compatible mouse or joystick, 4 MB of RAM (535k - 583k free depending on game), DOS 5.0 or higher, VGA Graphics. Supported: Adlib, Sound Blaster, and Roland sound cards. PGA Tour Golf and Starflight 2 do not support sound cards.

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