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ZOOM East Meets West
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (EASTWESTPR)

3D Realms / GT Interactive Software

Games / Shooter

ESRB Rating: Mature (Ages 17+) - Animated violence, blood & gore - Strong sexual content

The Best in the West & the Beast of the East

The King of Carnage, Duke Nukem, and the Disciple of Destruction, Lo Wang! Between them, they ignite the 3D-Action market. Brought together in one gaming mega-package, they blow it away! Two epic shooters for the price of one. Strap on your full metal jacket as Duke Nukem and save LA from rampaging aliens, or put on your combat sandals as Lo Wang and put out the lights in the Land of the Rising Sun. Either way you slice it, this is the gaming deal of the century. Come get some Duke and while you're at it, cut yourself a slice of Wang.

Duke Nukem Atomic Edition

Murderous aliens have landed in futuristic Los Angeles, and the humans suddenly find themselves atop the endangered species list. The odds are a million to one, just the way Duke likes it. Arm yourself with an arsenal of high tech weapons and make your way through the streets of L.A., out to an orbiting station, and onto the moon itself.

  • Duke it out one-on-one via modem, or pick on Duke wannabes in an 8 player network game
  • 39 levels of mayhem, including the Plutonium Pak episode
  • Laugh while you frag with tons of hilarious movie references and hidden gags
  • Blast your way through hordes of aliens with 11 hi-tech weapons

Lo Wang Is Shadow Warrior

Lo Wang is Shadow Warrior. #1 Assassin. #1 Yakuza Abuser. #1 Freak fragger. #1 Mutant mutilator. #1 Reason to be scared of the dark. So say sayonara to all the Ninja wannabes that have gone before and put on your combat sandals...Lo Wang is coming to the land of the Rising Sun to turn out the lights.

  • Throwing stars, katanas, 4-barrel shot guns, rail guns, nukes, enemy body parts
  • Swim, duck, drive vehicles, climb ladders, go anywhere, do anything
  • Drive heavily armed vehicles through walls and over enemies - tanks, bulldozer's, forklifts, boats and more
  • Hand-to-face combat mode lets you kick butt and slice 'n' dice in true ninja style


PC: Pentium 66MHz or compatible, 16MB RAM, 60MB available hard disk space, VGA local bus video, 2x CD ROM drive or faster, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible, DOS 6.2 or better, keyboard, mouse, joystick.

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