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ZOOM East Front
Sold Out Included in Europe in Flames
(Win95/Win98) (Retail) (EASTFRPR)


Game / War

Metal, Mud & Blood...Teeth Clenching Armored Warfare

Unleash the awesome power of the mighty Wehrmacht and maneuver deep into the heartland of the Soviet Union, or defend Mother Russia against the German invaders and march towards the streets of Berlin. The next generation of wargaming is here - are you ready for the challenge?

TalonSoft's East Front puts you square in the middle of the greatest struggle of the 20th Century, if not all time. This platoon-level Campaign Game of tactical combat in Russia from 1941 to 1945 starts you as a company commander and - if you have earned it - a promotion to higher ranks as the war rages on. Receive replacements and equipment upgrades while trying to win battles and build your troops into battle-hardened veterans.

In addition to the Campaign Game, choose from any one of the numerous preset scenarios designed by our "All-Star" design team, such as the famous battles of Kursk and Stalingrad. Allow the computer to create a scenario for you, or create your own by designing the maps and battles with the all-new scenario editor.

Special Features:

Complete Campaign Game with character promotions from Lieutenant to General

Full-Function map & scenario editors enable you to create your own battles from a data base of nearly 300 different platoon types

Stunning 16-bit High Color graphics

Play against the crafty computer opponent, E-mail, Multiplayer Internet Play, Modem-to-Modem or two-player Hot Seat play

An extensive range of battles from an "All-Star" design team

Fast-paced, explosive action...From the devastated Polish boarder to the streets of Stalingrad!

From the creators of the award-winning Battleground Series, TalonSoft's East Front delivrs graphic and historical detail as only TalonSoft can. This all-new game design will bring the feel of the Russian Front right to your desktop. Mud, metal, blood and snow. Explosive action, platoon level combat with a variety of gaming options that will keep your teeth clenched.

All-Star Contributing Designers:

  • John Tiller - Battleground Series
  • Bob McNamara - ASL-Advanced Squad Leader & Battleground Series
  • Charlie Kibler - ASL-Red Barricades & Battleground Series
  • Jim Dunnigan - Panzerblitz (Founder of SPI)
  • Dana Lombardy - Streets of Staligrad
  • Richard Berg - Terrible Swift Sword, Great Battles of Alexander, and Blackbeard
  • Mark Herman - Gulf Stike, Pacific War, and We the People

Requirements: Windows 95, IBM PC compatibles, 486DX or Pentium PC (Pentium recommended), double speed CD-ROM drive, 8MB minimum RAM (16MB recommended), Microsoft compatible mouse, 16-bit Highc Color SVGA graphics, all Windows compatible sound cards.

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