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ZOOM Earthworm Jim 3D
$19.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (EARTHJ3DPR)

Requires 3D accelerator



Multilingual: English, Italian, and Spanish

There Can Only Be One Worm...

The worm has returned! Ever-popular annelid, Earthworm Jim, is back as you've never seen him before - In 3D - and this time he's completely lost his marbles!

Our hero has been knocked unconscious by - guess what? - a falling cow and is trapped inside the insane world of his own brain.

Jim finds himself battling through huge environments, each linked to the darkest fears and fantasies of his psyche and each infested with hordes of hilarious baddies.

Only by finding all his marbles can Jim repair his brain and wake up to his superhero lifestyle in the real world.

The Fiendish Plot (Or How Jim Lost His Marbles)

Cow! Splat! PAIN!

Hit by a hurtling heifer, the last thing to flash through Jim's minds was a large bulging set of udders. Meaning, yes! His brains have been pasteurized! Now Jim's super Superego is all that stands between Jim the Megahero and Jim the fruitloop.

Jim's Superhero Superego must seek out the golden udders of lucidity that lie deep within his cow struck cranium. Will he find the magical teats in time? Or will he teeter off the edge of sanity?

To make things worse (well it couldn't be simple could it?) Jim's churning imagination has released the cream of evil villainy, and they are hellbent on preventing him regaining his mental balance. The psychotic figments of Psycrow, Fatty Roswell, Professor Monkey for a Head and Bob the Goldfish have each skimmed off one of Jim's brains and must be sterilized before Jim can regain control of himself and discover who could have dreamt up this dastardly dairy deception. Who? Just Who? Is sick, twisted, and power mad enough to have conceived this cowardly cow dropping caper? Who is it that seeks total Lobal Domination?

There's only one way ter find out. Saddle up it's brain surfin' time.


Pentium 200mhz processor (266 recommended), Windows 95/98, 32Mb RAM (64 recommended), 100Mb hard drive space (150 recommended), 8x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card, DirectX 7.0 compatible 3D accelerator card, Microsoft gamepad, joystick or keyboard. Supports most major Direct 3D cards.

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