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ZOOM EA Compilation
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case) (EACOMPPJ)

This product in just a CD in a jewel case and does not include any documentation whatsoever, either printed or on the CD itself. Also note that many of these games will only run under DOS and will not run on Windows 95 or newer systems. It is, however, the only source of many of these classic games. Limit one per customer.

Electronic Arts


Ten Electronic Arts Games

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Choose from over 50 missions from 3 historic eras: World War II, Korea or Vietnam

Create custom missions: Choose the plane, tactical situation, and skill of enemy pilots. Even cut across eras - fly an F-4 Phantom against the Nazis.

Fly one of six planes, each with accurate cockpits and flight dynamics

4 levels of difficulty and personal instruction from General Chuck Yeager

Instant replay with movie-like replays. Revel in your victories and learn from your defeats

Space Hulk

Cleanse and Burn. The year is 2 247 989 M41. Join the Space Marine Warriors from the Dark Angels Chapter of the Legiones Astartes as they battle the Genestealer hordes, a terrifying race who travel in derelict vessels known as space hulks. Power up your Terminator Armor. You're going in.

Hong Kong Mahjong Pro

Opponents are represented by digitized portrait and voice, including win and lose animations for each opponent.

This highly addictive game of skill and strategy has been faithfully rendered in authentic detail.

Select from 12 computer opponents, each with different personalities and skill levels.

Easy-to-follow tutorial helps first-time mahjong players catch on.

When the pressure's on, call on the 'Spirit of Mahjong' for help.

Wing Commander Academy

As a student at the TCSN Academy, you custom-design and fly unique combat rescue, and search and retrieval missions from the CyberSchool's holographic simulator. In the Wing Commander tradition, the game features a dynamic musical score, improved bit-mapped graphics and a dazzling array of customizing options. But Wing Commander Academy is not another cinematic extravaganza - it's an intense dogfighting marathon.

The Savage Empire

Seven Cities of Gold

Populous II

The ultimate Populous! This sequel to the hit title puts the power of the gods in your hands. New deity creation system lets you establish your characters' strengths and personality. Develop and master 35 elemental powers, including a rain of fire, lightning bolts and tornadoes; or summon multiple effects at once for devastating effects.

Ultima VII The Black Gate

Lord British presents the first chapter in the third book of the award-winning Ultima saga. The Black Gate combines the sword-and-sorcery elements of previous adventures with those of murder mysteries and horror thrillers. You'll need to master the arts of investigation and detection to solve the secret of The Black Gate.

Shadow Caster

Each of your six metaforms (feline, floating eye, gremlin, frogman, flame lizard and terramental) unleashes new powers and reveals new weaknesses.

Ultima Underworld

Step into the first continuous-movement, first-person 3D-dungeon, action fantasy in Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. You'll walk, run, swim and jump through 25 miles of sheer terror, casting spells, vanquishing foes and solving puzzles as you race to rescue the baron's kidnapped daughter.


DOS - Does not run under Windows 95.

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