Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak

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8 out of 10 from boot

The Expansion Pak by the Makers of Duke Nukem 3D

Explore an all-new mission with 11 levels based on current hit movies (i.e. Mission Impossible and ID4) as well as cool locations like "Duke Burger," "Babe World" and "Area 51."

See two new enemies, and a new boss get their butts kicked by Duke's steel-toed boots and 10 other weapons.

Smell steaming entrails as Duke's new Microwave Cannon fries and explodes those alien bastards.

Hear aliens squeal as Duke aborts their entire race in one of two controversial new cut-scenes.

Hear dozens of all-new one-liners from the man himself (Duke Talk).

Ultra-cool new feature allows playing multiplayer games against AI controlled computer opponents (up to 7 of them).

Other Duke-approved stuff:

Full version of Duke Nukem 3D required.


boot, January 1997

Put the 'nuke' back into Duke Nukem 3D with an all-new bad-ass expansion pack that cooks more gooey aliens than a pissed-off Sigourney Weaver having a bad hair day.

"By patching the current retail version of Duke 3D from v1.03 to the v1.04 Atomic Edition, the Plutonium Pak offers much more than just a boatload of new one-liners - it takes you into 11 new ball-busting missions ('The Birth'); and packs more xenophobic invaders than you can shake a shotgun at, including two new alien troopers (one of which can shrink you). All of this culminates in the underwater trashfest with the horrific Queen and her monstrous brood."

"Add to that, new cinematic cut-scenes, and a smorgasbord of screen savers and Win95 Desktop Themes, and you have the perfect fix for your Duke Nukem itch.

"He's back, he's pissed, and he's ready to rock. Get ready to tear those aliens a new orifice with Plutonium Pak - you won't be disappointed."

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