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ZOOM Dream Web
Sold Out (DOS Only) (Retail) (DREAMWEBPR)

Empire Interactive


Warning: This game contains scenes of violence not suitable for small children.


3 stars from Electronic Entertainment

A game to die for!

It was just a dream. It was so real... so vivid! It was just a dream... wasn't it?

In your dreams you travel to the DreamWeb - everyone does. It affects the plane of your subconscious. Ryan has a disturbing inner turmoil. Driving him, testing him. Forcing him through this battle of the subconscious mind.

The dreamweb is about to be shattered.

Totally original concept.

Precision graphics and 4000 frames of stylish animation.

Chilling combat sequences.

Haunting narration throughout, with distinctive character voices played by professional actors.

Movie soundtrack with superb sampled sound effects making Dreamweb the most atmospheric adventure ever.

Read Ryan's story in the enclosed "Diary of a mad? man".

Explore hundreds of meticulously detailed locations.

A perfect fusion of science fiction and the dark mysteries of adventure gaming.

"Monday April 9 - The clock keeps going round. It won't tell me the time. Santa Claus gave a gun to me. Let loose the puppies of war. I died last night..."

Open your mind and take a journey into the future of adventure gaming.

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 386 or greater, MS-DOS 3.0 and above, 590K of free Conventional RAM, Double Speed CD-ROM drive, Hard disk drive (1 MB Free Space), Keyboard and Mouse Required, Optional: SoundBlaster (Requires 3MB of Free EMS memory).


Electronic Entertainment, January 1995

"As Ryan, your quest takes you to some 250 locations - in which you can search for clues and interact (and fight) with other characters. Along the way, you'll encounter enough sex and violence to make a Schwarzenegger movie."

"The game employs an overhead perspective that's rare in American games but popular in Dream Web's native Europe. As in many European games, the graphics are beautiful, and you can magnify the dark, grainy images to ease the search for clues."

"Those clues are critical. DreamWeb's 20 treasure-hunt and graphical puzzles are tough. You'll find yourself constantly reviewing what you know in an attempt to solve the next puzzle. Fortunately, there are often multiple ways to solve a given puzzle."

"As you move from location to location, the music changes, and the unusual digital sound effects, including digitized speech, are effective if not groundbreaking."

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