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ZOOM Fisher-Price
Dream Doll House
Sold Out (Win) (Jewel Case) (DREAMDHPJ)

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Fisher-Price / Davidson & Associates


Ages: 3 to 7

Welcome to a magical, musical place where a child's imagination and sense of adventure open the door to a world of unlimited interactive fantasy and fun.

In the Fisher-Price Dream Doll House, children will play house like they've never been able to before. While decorating and exploring surprise-filled rooms, kids can play hide-and-seek games, search for secret passageways, add animated playmates, pets and toys, and even call on magical helpers - all with just a click of the mouse.

Your child, ages 3-7 will learn skills such as conversation and storytelling, exploration, determining sequences, planning, seeking goals, following directions and most importantly, building early computer skills.

Perfect for independent or cooperative play, the Fisher-Price Dream Doll House provides a delightful environment for self-expression, adventure and joy. It's guaranteed to turn your computer into your child's favorite play area in the house.

Requirements: 256-color Super VGA graphics, Windows 3.1 or higher, 8MB of RAM and hard drive, 33 MHZ 486 or faster, CD-ROM drive (double speed recommended), mouse, sound card required. Supports Sound Blaster and most Windows multimedia sound cards.


MultiMedia Merchandising, April 1995

"One of the few CD-ROMs intended for girls, the doll house has six rooms that users, age 3 to 7, can play in, explore, furnish and decorate. More than 100 objects, such as characters, pets, furniture, toys and food, can be placed and moved anywhere. Hidden mouse holes in each of the rooms house a world of mouse characters and animations."

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