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ZOOM Dracula Resurrection
(Win95/98/ME/XP) (Paper Jewel Case) (DRACULARPJ)

Publisher: DreamCatcher


A and B+ from Just Adventure

3 of 5 from Adventure Gamer

Encounter the Myth... Experience the Adventure

London, 1904. Seven years after defeating and destroying Dracula. Jonathan Harker finds that his wife Mina has been overcome by an irresistible yearning for the bloodlust of the vampire, and has returned to Transylvania. Your adventure begins as you depart on a journey to save your beloved wife.

Enter into the shadows, explore catacombs and hidden passages as you travel the pathway to darkness. Become completely immersed in an adventure that you won't soon forget.

  • Challenging riddles and puzzles throughout
  • Incredibly realistic 3D environments
  • Unprecedented 3D characters
  • Cinematic quality cut scenes
  • Fully immersive and addictive storyline
  • Full 360 degree panoramic viewing

The Story

Dracula Resurrection is a new story based on the characters from Bram Stoker's novel. The book ended as Dracula rose from his coffin bed only to be defeated by a stake to the heart, and turned to dust by the last rays of the setting sun. Jonathan takes his rescued fiancee to London to recover from the illness caused by the puncture marks in her neck.
The game commences 7 years later. Married to Mina and comfortably living in London, Jonathan thinks the nightmare is behind them until one day he return home to a letter. Mina has written that she has gone to Transylvania, finally unable to ignore the call of her blood. Jonathan follows quickly and discovers he has very little time to find Mina before it is too late. For you see, Dracula has returned...
Dracula Resurrection will immerse you in a storyline rich in atmosphere. The call of the wolf or hoot of an owl under a graphically splendid full moon panorama will surely send a shiver down your spine. The cinematically complete cut-scenes and haunting musical score will keep you glued to your seat wanting more. With this winning combination of story, visual masterpiece


Windows 95/98/ME/XP: Pentium 166, 64MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive.

Tested OK in Windows XP usingWindows 98/ME Compatibility Mode. May need patch if you can't read the CD-ROM after installing the game.


Just Adventure by Tom Houston and Randy Sluganski


"Has Mina been truly "saved"? Is that the end of Count Dracula? Well…we wouldn't have a game entitled "Dracula Resurrection" to play, if the answer to both of these questions was "yes", would we? So…the story will begin again, 7 years later in England, where Dracula's power over Mina will surface once more and lead Jonathan on an incredible journey that will take him back again to Transylvania to face the vengeance and evil powers of the ultimate vampire, Dracula."

"When this game ended and I finally got to sit back from the "edge of my seat", I experienced the two emotions that ultimately determine for me whether or not the game's story was successfully delivered and enjoyed. Did I feel relief from the tension of managing to progress through the excitement of the game? And…Was I sorry that the game was over, because I would have wanted it to continue? The answer to each question is a resounding "Yes". This is a story for all of you horror-adventure fans out there and it is not to be missed."

"While it will suffice to say that the graphics are as good as any you may have previously seen in an adventure game, it is important to note a "special feature" that provides this game with a certain uniqueness in graphic presentation that has not often (maybe never) been seen previously."


"The latest and probably the best in a long line of adventure/horror games featuring vampires. Dracula Resurrection is actually presented as a sequel to Bram Stoker's novel..."

"The cut scenes in Dracula Resurrection, and there are many, can only be described as jaw-dropping. You will not be pressing the space bar to skip them. Strange as this may seem, in a game about a vampire, your character's death is never a factor, so many of these movies may only be viewed once. Whether it is the more common third-person viewpoint as we watch Jonathan's actions as a result of our decisions or a close-up of a character's face, the effects are stunning. Wrinkles and pores are etched on character's faces like roadmaps; their weariness belies their misery. The 3D characters and animations, created by Jerome Combe and Stephane Hamache, are eerily distinctive..."

"This game is not earth-shattering. It breaks no new ground. What it is is a solid, atmospheric adventure game that follows a linear path and features puzzles of increasing difficulty. The novice and the more experienced gamer can both enjoy it on their own terms..."

Adventure Gamer by SH (June 30, 2000)

"The graphics in the game are of a consistent high standard. Each scene is beautifully rendered and when talking to characters you get a close-up of the conversation. These close-ups are unbelievably realistic, the attention to detail is among the best I've ever seen in a game. My one and only complaint about the graphics in this game is that they are way too dark, I realise the developers were going for a dark atmosphere but I think they went over the top. I had to turn the brightness and contrast on my monitor up full just to see some parts of the game! This the game's major downfall, it can be frustrating enough trying to solve a puzzle, not being able to see it makes it much worse! "

"Dracula Resurrection is essentially a Myst clone and follows the trend of being a mainly puzzle orientated game. The puzzles are generally easy to solve and mostly all logical. However, as the game nears its end the puzzles start to get tedious and at times, illogical..."

"I have heard complaints from people that said the game has a lot of bugs and has faulty copy protection which all cause problems. In my experience I have found this to be untrue. I did not experience one bug throughout the entire game and didn't have any problems from the copy protection..."

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