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Sold Out (DOS/Win95/Win98) (With Manual) (DOOMTRILPO)

id Software / GT Interactive


Say Goodbye to Daylight

Get ready for the most awesome DOOM challenge ever. If you survive the very first three episodes that made Doom a household name, you can move on to the nine expert levels of "Thy Flesh Consumed." If you aren't burned alive, or scared out of your mind, meet the challenge of Doom II: Hell on Earth.

Continue your quest for demented Doom supremacy with 20 hell spawned, Doom II - rivaling master levels for Doom II. Then reload with Maximum Doom: a collection of 3,000 home-brewed, acid drenched levels for all levels of doomers.

The Ultimate Doom

Gaming so real, you don't play it, you live it. If you can survive the original 3 episodes, 27 sizzling levels of the most explosive, mutant-laden, blood spattering battles ever, you are faced with the real decision, go on and face unknown horrors, or turn your back on civilization and save yourself. Thy Flesh Consumed features 9 expert levels-including "Perfect Hatred" and "Sever theWicked" each so incredibly tough, you'll be burned alive.

Doom II

Packs of refugees are fleeing the flaming metropolis you call home. It's all starting again. The people of Earth have been taken over, and turned into those horrible, flesh-eating cannibal things. The horror begins, the demons from space have invaded Earth. Billions are dead, as many have been turned into flesh-eating mutants, but there are some still alive and still fully human. It's your mission to kill off the mutants and save the human race by capturing back the space port and blast the few remaining homo spaiens to safety. If you win, you keep the species alive, lose and humanity is history.

Master Levels for Doom II

On par with Doom II's toughest levels, The Master Levels for Doom II feature more acid drenched, hell spawned horror. Each created by independent designers and supervised by the demented minds of id Software. As an added bonus, for your killing pleasure, Maximum Doom: a collection of over 3,000 home-brewed levels. These levels range from rank amateur to the "I'm naming my first born Doom" expert levels. Don't plan on seeing the light of day, ever again.

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Requirements for The Ultimate Doom: IBM PC and compatibles, Windows 95, CD-ROM drive, 150KB/sec, 386/33, 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), 20MB hard drive space, VGA graphics, supports Sound Blaster, AdLib or 100% compatible sound cards, supports joystick and mouse.

Requirements for Doom II: IBM PC and compatibles, CD-ROM drive 2x speed or higher, Windows 95 or DOS 5.0 or higher, 486/66 (Pentium recommended for Win95), 8MB RAM for Win95, 4MB RAM for DOS, 20MB hard drive space, VGA graphics, supports Sound Blaster, AdLib and 100% compatible sound cards, Gravis Ultra Sound and Roland Sound Canvas, joy stick and mouse optional. Supports modem play. Supports network play via IPX or TCP.

Requirements for Master Levels for Doom II: IBM PC and compatibles, MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 386/33 DX, 4MB RAM, 20MB hard drive space, VGA graphics. Supports joystick and mouse. Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compatible sound cards. Requires the DOS version of Doom II (included on the Doom II disc) to be loaded.

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