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ZOOM Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (DISCWOR2PR)

Includes the original Discworld

Perfect Entertainment / Psygnosis



Hot from Computer Gaming World

Missing Presumed...!?

This is the second Discworld (A magical world suspended on the back of a gigantic, space-faring turtle. You did know that, didn't you?) game, Death is missing. A hero is needed to bring him back. But there's only Rincewind, incompetent wizard and highly-trained coward. You won't catch Rincewind running away. He's too fast.

Unfortunately, he's all there is that stands between people and the horrible prospect of immortality. No one wants that, do they?

Voice-overs by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame

Over 25,000 cels of hand drawn animation

2 CD's crammed with 100 hours of absorbing gameplay

Humor and creativity combine to create a game that can best be described as hilarious


Windows 95 or DOS 6.0+, 486DX4 100MHz or greater (Pentium 90 recommended), 16MB RAM for Windows 95, 8MB RAM for MS-DOS, all major soundcards (SoundBlaster compatible recommended), 640x480x256 color SVGA, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster.

The Background

This is a story about Death. {Actually, this is a story abut Rincewind, but "This is a story about Death" is a more dramatic opening.} But not just any Death. This is about the Death whose particular sphere of operations is, well, not a sphere at all, but the Discworld, which is flat and rides on the back of four giant elephants who stand on the shell of the enormous star turtle Great A'Tuin, and which is bounded by a waterfall that cascades endlessly into space. Scientists have calculated that the chance of anything so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.

Death likes to travel and meet people. On the whole, he meets quite a few people in the course of his professional capacity as the Defeater of Empires, the Swallower of Oceans, the Thief of Years, the Ultimate Reality, the Harvester of Mankind, the Assassin against Whom No Lock Will Hold, the only friend of the poor and the best doctor of the mortally wounded. It is hard to imagine Death giving up his current job, not least because of the tedium of writing out his job description on his CV. What, however, would the consequences be if Death stopped doing his job? {One assumes that even the most enlightened welfare state does not provide income support for out-of-work anthropomorphic personifications.}

Such matters do not bother Rincewind, deputy Librarian at the Unseen University, the Discworld's foremost college of magic. He is widely regarded by the staff of the Unseen University as someone best forgotten. That is, unless there is something unpleasant that needs doing. Rincewind is well equipped for unpleasant tasks, possessing as he does the natural survival instincts of a true coward. He also possesses an innate gift for languages enabling him to shout "Don't kill me!" and be understood in a hundred different countries.


Computer Gaming World, April 1997

"Rejoice! Cowardly, incompetent Rincewind is back to wreak havoc in Discworld II, the second of Psygnosis' hilarious comic adventures set in author Terry Pratchett's magical universe. This time the plot is simple: Death has walked off the job, and it's up to Rincewind to bring him back. Monty Python alum Eric Idle once again supplies the voice of Rincewind, and he's just one of this game's numerous pleasures, providing a steady stream of laugh-out-loud jokes along with a series of challenging - yet actually solvable - puzzles.

"Along with improved gameplay, Discworld II also boasts more sophisticaed 2D animation. For fans of goofy British humor, this is a must."

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