Not Just a Calendar
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1) (Jewel Case) (DILBERTCPJ)

Cedco Publishing Company

Screen Saver / Calendar

Look Productive. Impress Your Boss.

With Cedco's Dilbert Calendar on CD-ROM, you can make every work day tolerable. Stay on top of corporate mayhem with daily, weekly and monthly calendar views, plus an event scheduler, To Do List, pop-up reminder alarm and address book. Be discreetly amused by the Dilbert screen saver, jigsaw puzzle and a fun Time-Wasting Advice feature. Your cartoon-a-day calendar will begin from the date you install it and continue far into the 21st Century - assuredly long past the next corporate restructuring.

Indispensable for the corporately challenged! View your calendar in daily, weekly or monthly format. Each format includes all your important dates and information. Click on any day for immediate access to that day's special notes.

Time-Wasting Device
Click on the Time-Wasting Advice button for tidbits of wit and wisdom from Dilbert and his cohorts on career, co-workers and relationships.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Select any image and watch it break apart into a jigsaw puzzle for you to reassemble on screen.

Screen Saver
Relieve terminal boredom, Corporate Stress Fatigue Syndrome, and other mental health hazards of today's workplace with a slideshow of Dilbert cartoons.

Address Book
Locate addresses and phone numbers as fast as you can say "networking." Easy entry and sorting allow you to find entries by first name, last name, or organization.

To Do List
Daily To Do List helps you prioritize your work day. With a simple click, you can check off items you've accomplished, avoided entirely, chosen to ignore, or delegated to an unsuspecting co-worker.

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible and Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later, CD-ROM drive, 4MB RAM for the program with minimum 4 MB free hard disk space, 256 colors or greater, Microsoft compatible mouse. Win 95 compatible.

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