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ZOOM Dilbert's Desktop Games
$9.95 (Win95/98/NT/ME/XP) (Retail) (DILBERTPR)

Cyclops Software / DreamWorks Interactive / Microsoft


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults

Motivate Your Funnybone

Feeling like a cog in the vast corporate machine? Make fun your first priority with Dilbert's Desktop Games. Choose any of 10 hilarious games and activities from the Game Machine. Watch out for back stabbing co-workers, clueless bosses and endless bad project ideas in this satirical spoof on the modern workplace.

Project Pass-Off. Shove all the good projects to Dilbert and deflect the bad ones to Zimbu, the savvy corporate monkey.

Techno-Raiders. Use Dilbert's technological superiority to claw your way to the top of the pecking order.

Boss Evaders. Help Dilbert toss his status reports at an entire org-chart of pinkslip-wielding boss heads.

The Jargonator. Why communicate clearly? Add big superfluous words to your office correspondence.

Elbonian Airlines. This game's true fun comes in slamming managers into flying vehicles and boats that enter Elbonian airspace.

CEO Simulator challenges you to nurture a company from a fledgling enterprise to a multi-million dollar corporation

Can-O-Matic 2 allows you to decide which employees will fall victim to downsizing and which will keep their pathetic jobs.

Enduring Fools allows you to take revenge on employees who constantly interrupt you at work.

Intrusive Mode

The Final Word

Empowering Gameplay for Hours of Fun

Spend quality time with your favorite Dilbert characters.

Includes vague corporate goals and empty promises of promotion.

Play 'till you win a priceless paper certificate of achievement.


486/66 MHZ, 8MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound card, Microsoft compatible mouse, 40MB hard disk space, Windows 95 or above.

Tested OK on Windows XP but you will need to create your own shortcut.


The Adrenaline Vault by David Laprad

"The game brings the comic strip's satire and style to the computer with humor and simplicity. Your goal, as an under-appreciated and overworked employee, is to master ten games and activities in order to upgrade Dilbert's Game Machine. To do this, you must continue playing until you've collected seven components and placed them in the Game Machine's Incentive Box. These items are awarded for playing games to their most challenging levels, or for no reason at all (just like the work place). Once you've reached your goal and all seven components are in place, you get to print out an exclusive, personalized Paper Plaque Certificate. If that sounds like a cheap payoff, think of it as the gold watch equivalent of computer gaming. 'Congratulations for your years of dedicated service to our company. Here's your Paper Plaque Certificate.'"

"Would I recommend the acquisition of Dilbert's Desktop Games? Not to hard-core gamers. Yet I can't, in good conscience, issue it a pink slip. An interesting thing happened while I was preparing this review. I suggested to my wife, who considers computer games to be about as culturally significant as cow-tipping, that she play a few of the programs. She spent the next 90 minutes glued to the screen, laughing convulsively, and rejecting my impassioned pleas for her to quit. I spent the next 90 minutes lamenting my suggestion and anxiously pacing the floor as I awaited my turn to play. It's not hard to imagine throngs of office workers crowded around a single monitor, laughing at the antics and in-jokes, and relieving the day's stress with a little self-deprecating humor. In fact, the game may even replace the water cooler as the social center of corporate America! The bottom line is that Dilbert's Desktop Games has strong entertainment value for its intended audience, and yields a healthy measure of satirical fun. It certainly beats working!"

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