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ZOOM Diggles
The Myth of Fenris
$19.95 (Win9x/Me/2000) (Mini Retail) (DIGGLESPR)

Publisher: Innonics / Strategy First

- Blood, comic mischief and mild violence


A from Just Adventure

A Dangerous Mission

Godfather Odin has chosen the Diggles to set out on a long and burdensome expedition to the center of the earth where the hound of hell, Fenris, spreads terror. Fenris was once Odin's watchdog and ran away. Ever since he became aware of his growing power and strength he has been terrifying the underground world. Fenris must be disarmed and put on a chain. This task requires a very special chain, a chain that can only be forged by the Diggles...

Accomplishing this dangerous mission will take decades and involved many generations of dwarves. During their journey the dwarves have to pass through 4 different worlds and more than 100 different quests have to be solved. The player has to arrange a daily schedule for the dwarves by determining how much they work and what they do in their leisure time. The player has to teach them how to forge weapons, cook mushrooms, raise hamsters, produce tools and invent machines. Like people in real life, the dwarves also want to have some spare time in order to sleep, eat, play cards, go bowling or to a pub. Male and female Diggles can even fall in love with each other and thus conceive their offspring, which ensures the survival of their clan and can transmit their learned attributes to their dwarf children. The player's most important goal is to prepare the Diggles for the crucial fight with Fenris.

Game Features

Player has to teach the dwarves, provide them with food and care for them.

Exceptional perspective: Dwarves can be seen from side view. Includes 3d scenery and objects.

Complex, thrilling , non-linear story.

Individual characters (that range from stubborn and nasty to hard-working and cuddly)

Main campaign with four different, huge worlds includes more than 100 quest.

Dynamic, non-level based underground world with cave system. Realistic cave structure based on physical laws.

5 different dwarf clans, 9 different characters

More then 30 production facilities, 20 tools, 7 raw materials and numerous services

10 weapons and 4 fighting techniques, including karate and taekwondo

Daily schedule of dwarves must be varied: Digging in the morning and cuddling at night

100 different work and leisure activities

Journey through 5 historic ages


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium II (350mhz), 128 MB RAM, 32 MB graphics card, 8X CD-ROM, DirectX 8.0, Windows compatible sound card


Just Adventure by Dawn Johnson

"Diggles is a game for those who love the Sim series. If you enjoy creating, building, directing, and playing god, this game is for you. However, expect some of your little dwarves to get a tad bit nasty with you. Each and every dwarf has it's own personality, and some can be downright snippy. I had one who was so lazy I had to give him a work schedule of only four hours…then go searching for him every half hour to make sure he was working. Of course there are the work horses as well, but they die out faster."

"I really have no cons about Diggles. Except for one. It is OBSESSIVE. I love a good game as much as anyone else, but if you live alone and get this game, make sure you have the alarm set to a decent hour! I literally played for almost 13 hours strait the first time I started the new game. Hard to do when you have to work as well. And, trust me, the boss doesn't like hearing, "well my Diggles were building a new level and…. " Mine just shook his head. He already thinks I am nuts."

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