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ZOOM Destruction Derby
$14.95 (DOS) (Retail) (DESTDERBPR)




88% from PC Gamer - Editor's Choice

4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today - Critic's Choice

With no rules, no limits and no pit stopping, anything goes in this collision course of crumple zones, hit & run mayhem, and street level slamming where wrecking your opponent's motor in ultrarealistic smashes and crashes is the name of the game. Take on the rigours of a full Championship season and pit your wits against a motley crew of psycho-waster racers such as the Suicide Squaddies, Skum and The Optician as you storm up the rankings from Rookie to Pro. Reckon you can handle it?

Destruction Derby works with a serial link cable for two player head to head action.

Requirements: VGA, mouse and keyboard options, works best with Pentium 90 with 8 Meg of Ram. Supports all popular soundcards e.g. Soundblaster, Roland Adlib, works best with Gravis/AW32. Minimum requirements: 486DX, preferable DX66 mhz, 540 base memory with 8 meg of Ram. 25 Meg hard disk space required.


Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"It is a celebration of that automotive staple of the American heartland - the demolition derby - in which drivers use their cars as battering rams to do as much damage as humanly possible to other cars. The last one that can still move, wins.

"In that respect, it's a great simulation. The high-speed collisions of the texture-mapped cars are convulsive and realistic. The first time you see one - or feel one, in first-person view - it'll be all you can do to stop from bouncing off the back of your seat (can a computer game cause whiplash? Psygnosis will be hearing from my lawyer...).

Destruction Derby has never-seen-before quality that will instantly make it a showpiece game to demonstrate to open-mouthed friends and relatives...

However, for a game so unapologetically entertaining, Destruction Derby's useful life span is surprisingly short. The main drawback: the demo-derby arena and half-dozen stock-car tracks are all dead flat - a limitation of the game engine - and after a few rounds you'll crave new and creative ways to wreak havoc."

CD-ROM Today, March 1996

"Destruction Derby. The very words conjure up mental images that reach to the soul of every hard-driving American. Even if you've never been to a state fair grounds or other dusty racetrack to watch old beater cars destroy each other in an orgy of smashing metal, screeching tires, and straining engines, you probalby have had the desire (in a traffic jam, perhaps) to go rogue and start your own smash-up derby. Now, with Psynosis' latest can.

"Driving is easy with a keyboard or joystick, the soundtrack is kicking, and there's plenty of full-contact automotive mayhem - what else do you need to know? If there's a cell in your body that's ever itched to try a Malachi Crunch, hang out with Pinky Tuskadero, or just play an awesome action racer, you must own this game."

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